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Inorganic Electronic Structure and Spectroscopy, Volume II

Inorganic Electronic Structure and Spectroscopy, Volume II

Edward I. Solomon, A. B. P. Lever

ISBN: 978-0-471-97114-6

Feb 2006

658 pages

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-Journal of Chemical Education

This newly available paperbound edition of Inorganic Electronic Structure and Spectroscopy includes all the material from the original clothbound edition published in 1999. Consisting of articles contributed by outstanding scientists from around the world, Volume II, Applications and Case Studies represents the state of the art in this field, written in a style accessible to the well-read senior undergraduate, and yet still of superior value to the senior researcher.

The second of a two-volume set, Volume II explores various compounds of interest in inorganic chemistry and describes their electronic structures from the perspective of spectroscopic studies. Areas discussed include:
* Bioinorganic Spectroscopy
* Mixed Valence
* Multiple Metal-Metal Bonds
* Transition Metal Nitrosyls
* Electronic Structure of Heme Sites
* Spin Transition in Iron (II) Compounds
* Neutron and Optical Spectra of Magnetically Ordered Crystals

This work assumes a basic understanding of quantum chemistry and group theory. Although written by multiple contributors, the editors' holistic approach to the manuscript has ensured a uniform presentation.

Contributors, Volume II.

Contents, Volume I.

Contributors, Volume I.

1. Bioinorganic Spectroscopy (E. Solomon & M. Hanson).

2. Electron-Transfer Reaction Rate Theory (D. Richardson).

3. Mixed Valence (P. Schatz).

4. Electrochemistry, Charge transfer Spectroscopy, and Electronic Structure (A. Lever & E. Dodsworth).

5. The Photophysics and Photochemistry of Coordination Compounds (J. Endicott). 

6. Multiple Metal-Metal Bonds (V. Miskowski, et al.).

7. Transition Metal Nitrosyls (B. Westcott & J. Enemark).

8. Electronic Structure of Heme Sites (G.Loew).

9. Characterization of the Electronic Structure of Transition Metal Carbonyls and Metallocenes (N. Gruhn & D. Lichtenberger).

10. Spin Transition in Iron (II) Compounds (P. Gütlich, et al.).

11. Neutron and Optical Spectra of Magnetically Ordered Crystals (P. Day).