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Inorganic Materials Synthesis and Fabrication

Inorganic Materials Synthesis and Fabrication

John N. Lalena, David A. Cleary, Everett Carpenter, Nancy F. Dean

ISBN: 978-0-470-19156-9 January 2008 312 Pages




This up-to-date, single-source reference on the preparation of single-phase inorganic materials covers the most important methods and techniques in solid-state synthesis and materials fabrication. Presenting both fundamental background and advanced methodologies, it describes the principles of crystallography, thermodynamics, and kinetics required, addresses crystallographic and microstructural considerations, and describes various kinds of reactions. This is an excellent text for materials science and engineering, chemistry, and physics students, as well as a practical, hands-on reference for working professionals.

1. Crystallographic and Microstructural Considerations.

2. Chemical Energetics and Atomistics of Reactions and Transformations in Solids.

3. Solid - Vapor Reactions.

4. Solid - Liquid Reactions.

5. Solid - Solid Reactions.

6. Nanomaterials Synthesis.

7. Materials Fabrication.

Appendix A1: General Mechanical Engineering Terms.

Appendix A2: Green Materials Synthesis and Processing.


"This work would be useful as the resource for a course that introduces material science to upper-level undergraduate science students or as a reference for those working in the area…recommended." (CHOICE, September 2008)
  • Provides the crystallographic, thermodynamic, and kinetic background necessary to effectively use the synthetic techniques covered
  • Covers materials fabrication, a topic often left out of traditional solid state and materials chemistry texts
  • Acknowledging the connections between chemistry, physics, and materials science, the text uses a highly interdisciplinary approach to understanding the chemical synthesis and fabrication of inorganic materials 
  • Includes many worked examples, ideal for the student  
  • Contains extensive references to the literature for further study
  • Contains short biographies of the most prominent contributors to the field in the 20th century
  • Based on courses taught at Gonzaga University and Virginia Commonwealth University