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Inorganic Reactions and Methods, Volumes 1 - 19 and Index Parts 1 & 2 Set

Inorganic Reactions and Methods, Volumes 1 - 19 and Index Parts 1 & 2 Set

J. J. Zuckerman (Founding Editor), A. P. Hagen (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-471-32837-7

May 1999

10904 pages

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Inorganic Reactions and Methods systemizes the discipline of modern inorganic chemistry according to a plan constructed by a council of editorial advisors and consults that include three Nobel laureates (E.O. Fischer, H. Taube, and G. Wilkinson).

Rather than producing a collection of unrelated review articles, this series creates a framework that reflects the creative potential of this scientific discipline. In a clear, concise, and highly organized manner, it provides an in-depth treatment of bond formation reactions categorized by element type. The series covers all areas of inorganic chemistry including chemistry of the elements, coordination compounds, donor-acceptor adducts, organometallic, polymer and solid-state material, and compounds relevant to bioinorganic chemistry. A unique index system provides users with several fast options for accessing information on forming any bond type, compound, or reaction. Coverage of both classical chemistry and the frontiers of today's research make this series a valuable reference for years to come.