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Insect Pests of Farm, Garden, and Orchard, 8th Edition



Insect Pests of Farm, Garden, and Orchard, 8th Edition

Ralph H. Davidson, William F. Lyon

ISBN: 978-0-471-01124-8 January 1987 656 Pages


The definitive work in its field--gives more information on the pests of agricultural crops, humans, domestic animals, and the home than any other book. Comprises a brief and concise introduction to entomology, covering insect anatomy, morphology, development, physiology, and classification. Unique in its grouping of pests with their natural enemies. Gives special emphasis to control by biological means utilizing nature to the fullest extent as the wisest and most economical approach to good pest control without polluting the environment with toxic chemicals. New chapters cover the pests of sunflowers and tree nuts. Well-illustrated.
Importance of Insects to Humans.

Structure, Physiology, and Metamorphosis.


Natural Control.

Applied Control: Mechanical, Cultural, Biological,Legislative.

Applied Control: Chemical.

Pesticide Toxicity, Formulations, Compatibility, Applicators, andSafety.

Environmental Management.

Pests of Various Crops and Turf.

Pests of Grasses and Cereal Grains.

Pests of Cotton.

Pests of Sunflower.

Pests of Leguminous Crops.

Pests of Solanaceous crops.

Pests of Cucurbit and Cruciferious Crops.

Pest of Other Vegetable Crops.

Pests of Glasshouse and Garden Plants.

Pests of Trees and Ornamental Plants.

Pests of Pome Fruits.

Pests of Tree Nuts.

Pests of Grapes.

Pests of Small Fruits.

Pests of Citrus.

Pests of Stored Products and Household Goods.

Pests of Domestic Animals and Humans.