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Insiders' Guide to Technology-Assisted Review (TAR)

Insiders' Guide to Technology-Assisted Review (TAR)

Ernst & Young LLP

ISBN: 978-1-118-89426-2

Feb 2015

96 pages

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Understand TAR mechanics, processes, and technologies, as taught by EY experts

Insider’s Guide to Technology-Assisted Review provides professionals with a thorough understanding of the process that is becoming increasingly important to the legal industry. With detailed discussion of the methods, technologies, and practices involved in TAR, readers without advanced degrees in linguistics or related technologies will gain a solid knowledge base upon which to evaluate both current practices and the new tools and technology continually hitting the market. Written by the world-renown experts at Ernst & Young’s Technology and Discovery Services, this book provides a valuable resource for professionals seeking a more efficient way to handle the discovery and analysis process.

Technology-Assisted Review streamlines the discovery and document review process by essentially “training” a computer to evaluate documents as required. The term “predictive coding” is used in a narrower sense, but both terms have several meanings, and can mean different things to different firms. Insider’s Guide to Technology-Assisted Review cuts through the confusion, differentiating the different types of TAR and explaining the process and mechanics of each. Readers will:

  • Understand the fundamental concepts of technology-assisted review
  • Simplify ediscovery, documentation, and storage of large document sets
  • Learn how TAR tools work, and the resources they require to function
  • Consider the specialized skillset required to fully exploit TAR technology

Technology-Assisted Review is here to stay, as the legal industry evolves to take full advantage of the cutting-edge technology becoming more widely available. As TAR becomes standard practice, it’s important for professionals to understand its possibilities and limitations. Insider’s Guide to Technology-Assisted Review provides clear, comprehensive guidance toward this complex topic.

Preface vii

Introduction—Evolution of TAR 1

Note 3

CHAPTER 1 TAR: A Structural Analysis 5

The Core Task of eDiscovery 6

1.1 Linear Review 7

1.2 TAR 8

1.3 Hybrid Systems 12

1.4 Summary 13

CHAPTER 2 TAR and The Case Law 15

2.1 Introduction 15

2.2 Emerging Case Law 18

2.3 Conclusion 29

Notes 30

CHAPTER 3 The Economics of TAR 33

3.1 Overview 33

3.2 Defining Cost Metrics 33

3.3 Comparison to Linear Review 37

3.4 Comparison: TAR to TAR 41

3.5 Pilot Projects 41

3.6 Alternative Value Considerations 42

3.7 Hidden Costs and False Savings 43

3.8 Conclusion 44

Notes 44