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Instant Interviews: 101 Ways to Get the Best Job of Your Life



Instant Interviews: 101 Ways to Get the Best Job of Your Life

Jeffrey G. Allen

ISBN: 978-0-470-47096-1 June 2009 320 Pages

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"Every page of this exciting new book explodes with the energy of new ideas. You haven't read these techniques on the Net or anywhere else. Highly recommended!"
—Joyce Lain Kennedy, America's No. 1 Syndicated Careers Columnist

Get all the interviews you want—instantly!

It's a jungle out there—a jobjungle. You're crouching—and grouching—waiting impatiently to attack the next job that appears. You hear a rustle through the trees and hold your breath. Something moves— but before you can pounce, it's gone. Each time you get better and better. . .at blowing interviews.

Is that you? Why? What are you waiting for? You could be having more fun and more success than you've ever had in your life! Instant Interviews turns you into an interview magnet. If you're going to use traditional lead sources like the Internet, classified ads, or job fairs, this book will supercharge their effectiveness. You'll stop waiting for something to happen and start making it happen yourself.

Instant Interviews includes 101 easy, proven techniques for getting the only thing that counts in the job jungle—an interview. Get face-to-face with your future using these strategies and dozens more:

  • Find your ideal employer online right now
  • Incite potential employers to interview you today
  • Immediately reply to only the hottest job listings
  • Know now what employers want, not what they say
  • Read between the lines in help-wanted ads to get interviewed first
  • Develop your interviewing persona fast
  • Develop a list of personal references by tomorrow
  • Use temporary assignments differently to get hired right away
  • Get interviews through the back door this Saturday
  • Auction yourself to the highest bidder by next week
  • Develop an endless flow of job offers without delay

It's all inside. The techniques in Instant Interviews are designed solely to have you in the right place at the right time to land your dream job. Starting today. Smart, savvy, and sure—these are the ultimate skills for unlimited career success through unlimited interviews in any economy.

About the Author . . . xiii

Introducing Instant Interviews! xv

Foreword and . . . Forward March! xvii

1: Appearing Magically—Like a Genie! 1

2: Making and Taking the Instant Interview Magic Potion 22

3: Maintaining Magic Potion Potency Throughout the Day 26

4: Breaking out of the Box—Job E-X-P-A-N-S-I-O-N 28

5: E-Mailing, Faxing, and Mailing Your Rest-You-May 31

6: Getting Your Resume Scanned 35

7: Writing the ASCII Resume 36

8: Getting You Covered with the Better Letter 38

9: Broadcasting a Letter with High Bandwidth 42

10: Faxmailing for Nofailing 45

11: Dollaring for Instant Interest 47

12: Maximizing Instant Availability Announcements 50

13: Blasting Instant Availability Announcements 52

14: Shifting into Overdrive with the Callback Card 54

15: Interviewing Instantly over the Internet 56

16: Courting a Corporate Partner—Online 59

17: Getting Personal to Get Interviewed 61

18: Surveying to Get Instantly In 63

19: Reading Between the Classified Ad Lines 65

20: Responding to Classified Ads 67

21: Mining the Yellow Pages 68

22: Breaking the Code in Business Periodicals 70

23: Teaching a Class 71

24: Giving a Speech 73

25: Making Your Own Recordings 77

26: Expediting Executive Recruiting 78

27: Writing for Newspaper Special Sections 82

28: Guiding a Counselor at a Free Career Center 83

29: Inciting Potential Offerors to Interview 84

30: Answering Inside Job Listings: Gold without the Shaft 87

31: Vacationing Free While They Interview Thee 91

32: Forming Your Very Own Job Club 94

33: Launching a Proactive Proposal 97

34: Interrupting the Interview Intervention 101

35: Arriving at Airports, Stations, and Depots 106

36: Transforming Ground Transportation into Interview Information 107

37: Tracking on Trains 108

38: Taking Off in Business Class 110

39: Developing Your Persona 114

40: Calling and Enthralling the Offeror 117

41: Reading the Offeror Like a Book 119

42: Increasing Your Interviewing Instincts 122

43: Bossing around Your Boss to Get You Interviews 126

44: Indemnifying an Offeror for Your Instant Dream Job 130

45: Networking Out at the Jobgym 135

46: Renewing Acquaintances Instantly 140

47: Obtaining Publicity about Instant Availability 143

48: Writing Letters to the Editor 144

49: Writing Articles or Columns 145

50: Using a Rent-a-Mentor 146

51: Sampling the Sweets at Job Fairs 147

52: Writing the Instant Bio 151

53: Writing a Press Release 151

54: Crashing Parties at Hotels 153

55: Granting Celebrities an Interview 154

56: Mixing and Matching at the Chamber Mixer 157

57: Learning to Play Ball from the Blue Crew 159

58: Promoting Interviews Using Postal Centers 160

59: Targeting Interviews with the F-O-C-U-S Principle 163

60: Outerviewing There and Now 166

61: Uncovering the Office Building Underground Instantly 171

62: Running the Routes with the Jobjungle Scouts 173

63: Banking Personal References Instantly 175

64: Banking Professional References Instantly 181

65: Getting Your Foot in the Store Door 189

66: Newspapering on Your Route for Instant Ins 193

67: Remembering Your Lines Instantly Like a S-T-A-R 195

68: Turning On Off-Offerors 196

69: Demonstrating the Instant You 199

70: Auctioning Yourself Off to the Highest Bidder 202

71: Lowering Your Interview Age Instantly 205

72: Partying Early at the Offerors-Only Warehouse 209

73: Generating Instant Revenues and Interviews 210

74: Grabbing the Bigbucks Instant Offerors 213

75: Interviewing as an Intern Instantly 215

76: Zipping Through It All at City Hall 217

77: Accepting Temporary Assignments 220

78: Temping Differently to Interview Instantly 221

79: Igniting Intense Interview Interest from Competitors 223

80: Bonding Instantly with Immigrant Offerors 225

81: Disabling a Disability Instantly 228

82: Recalling Offerors’ Names Instantly 232

83: Swap Meets for Top Greets 234

84: Supercharging Your Sphere of Influence 236

85: Interviewing for an Instant Increase 240

86: Magnetizing Muckety-mucks 243

87: Getting Paid for Instant Interviewing 244

88: Getting Leads from Leasers 245

89: Passing Instantly Through the Personal Screen 247

90: Passing Instantly Through the Professional Screen 252

91: Using Lead Cards for Instant Referrals 256

92: Controlling the Offeror Like a Robot 258

93: Sending Icon Introduction Letters 260

94: Slipping in the Back Door this Saturday 263

95: Making a Maven an Interview Mentor 267

96: Doing Informational Interviews Instantly 271

97: Consulting for Instant Resulting 274

98: Infiltrating the Secretarial Secret Service Instantly 279

99: Jolting Overworked Offerors 281

100: Pursuing Your Passion 287

101 and DONE! Deciding Which Offer to Accept 289

Acknowledgments 293

Index 295