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Instrumental Clinical Phonetics

Instrumental Clinical Phonetics

Martin J. Ball (Editor), Chris Code (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-470-69911-9 April 2008 304 Pages


This book presents a collection of accounts by internationally renowed experts on current techniques in the instrumental investigation of speech and disorders of speech.
Recording and Displaying Speech, Marcel A.a. Tatham et al.

Spectrogrpahy, Alvirda Farmer.

Electromyography, Michel Gentil and Walter H. Moore.

Aerometry, James Anthony and Nigel Hewlett.

Electrolaryngography, Evelyn abberton and Adrianfrocin.

Electropalatography, William J. Hardcastle and Fiona Gibbon.

Imaging Techniques, Martin J. Ball and Berthold Groene.

Auditory phonetic Techniques, Chris Code.

Time-variated Speech, Linda Riensche et al.

A pc-based Experimentation, Assessment and Treatment Technique, Wolfram Ziegler et al.