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Insulin Resistance: Insulin Action and its Disturbances in Disease



Insulin Resistance: Insulin Action and its Disturbances in Disease

Sudhesh Kumar (Editor), Stephen O'Rahilly (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-470-85008-4 January 2005 616 Pages


Diabetes is now one of the major causes of morbidity worldwide. In many cases, the onset of diabetes is progressive, developing via a condition of insulin resistance. This book considers the development of this condition, its consequences and clinical and therapeutic aspects.

The book reviews the normal biology of insulin action on glucose, lipids and proteins. It considers the pathological basis for insulin resistance in animal models and humans, and discusses the influence of heredity, dietary factors and exercise. Clinical consequences including dyslipidaemia, hypertension and polycystic ovary syndrome, and therapeutic strategies for treatment are also examined.
* Provides an expert review of the phenomenon of insulin resistance
* Brings together a host of recent research for the first time
* Written by leading experts in biological and clinical research

List of Contributors

1. The Insulin Receptor and Downstream Signalling (Ken Siddle).

2. Insulin-Mediated Regulation of Glucose Metabolism (Daniel Konrad, Assaf Rudich and Amira Klip).

3. Insulin Action on Lipid Metabolism (Keith N. Frayn and Fredrik Karpe).

4. The Effect of Insulin on Protein Metabolism (Laura J. S. Greenlund and K. Sreekumaran Nair).

5. Genetically Modified Mouse Models of Insulin Resistance (Gema Medina, Christopher Lelliott and Antonio J. Vidal-Puig).

6. Insulin Resistance in Glucose Disposal and Production in Man with Specific Reference to Metabolic Syndrome and Type 2 Diabetes (Henning Beck-Nielsen, Frank Alford and Ole Hother-Nielsen).

7. Central Regulation of Peripheral Glucose Metabolism (Stanley M. Hileman and Christian Bjørbæk).

8. Relationship Between Fat Distribution and Insulin Resistance (Philip G. McTernan, Aresh Anwar and Sudhesh Kumar).

9. PPARy and Glucose Homeostasis (Robert K. Semple and Stephen O’Rahilly).

10. Adipokines and Insulin Resistance (Daniel K. Clarke and Vidya Mohamed-Ali).

11. Dietary Factors and Insulin Resistance (Jeremy Krebs and Susan Jebb).

12. Physical Activity and Insulin Resistance (Nicholas J. Wareham, Søren Brage, Paul W. Franks and Rebecca Abbott).

13. Genetics of the Metabolic Syndrome (George Argyropoulos, Steven Smith and Claude Bouchard).

14. Insulin Resistance and Dyslipidaemia (Benoît Lamarche and Jean-François Mauger).

15. Insulin Resistance, Hypertension and Endothelial Dysfunction (Stephen J. Cleland and John M. C. Connell).

16. Insulin Resistance and Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (Neus Potau).

17. Syndromes of Severe Insulin Resistance (SSIRs) (David Savage and Stephen O’Rahilly).

18. Therapeutic Strategies for Insulin Resistance (Harpal S. Randeva, Margaret Clarke and Sudhesh Kumar).

19. Drug Therapy for Insulin Resistance – a Look at the Future (Bei B. Zhang and David E. Moller).


"The book is intended for specialists…however with the current interest in obesity and the threats it poses to the general public health, others will also find it of interest." (E-STREAMS, September 2006)

"...a major contribution to the increasing body of work...this book appears at an appropriate moment to educate and excite young investigators…" (New England Journal of Medicine, November 17, 2005)