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Insurance for Dummies, 2nd Edition



Insurance for Dummies, 2nd Edition

Jack Hungelmann

ISBN: 978-0-470-53010-8 May 2009 384 Pages

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Now updated — your guide to getting the best insurance policy

Are you intimidated by insurance? Have no fear — this easy-to-understand guide explains everything you need to know, from getting the most coverage at the best price to dealing with adjusters, filing claims, and more. Whether you're looking for personal or business insurance, you'll see how to avoid common pitfalls, lower your costs, and get what you deserve at claim time.

  • Get to know the basics — understand how to make good insurance decisions and reduce the chances of a financial loss in your life
  • Take your insurance on the road — manage your personal automobile risks, handle special situations, insure recreational vehicles, and deal with insurance adjusters

  • Understand homeowner's and renter's insurance — know what is and isn't covered by typical policies, common exclusions and pitfalls, and how to cover yourself against personal lawsuits

  • Buy the right umbrella policy — discover the advantages, and coordinate your policies to cover the gaps

  • Manage life, health, and disability risks — explore individual and group policies, understand Medicare basics, and evaluate long-term disability and long-term-care insurance

Open the book and find:

  • The best life, health, home, and auto policies
  • Strategies for handling the claims process to get what you deserve

  • Tips on adjusting your deductible to suit your lifestyle

  • How to navigate healthcare policies

  • Ways to reduce your risk and your premiums

  • Common traps and loopholes

  • Considerations for grads, freelancers, and remote workers


Part I: Getting Started.

Chapter 1: Building a Great Insurance Program.

Chapter 2: Introducing Seven Guiding Principles of Insurance.

Chapter 3: Managing Your Risk without Buying Insurance.

Chapter 4: Buying Insurance.

Part II: Cars, Boats, RVs, and More: Insuring the Things You Drive.

Chapter 5: Managing Your Personal Automobile Risks.

Chapter 6: Dealing with Special Auto Insurance Situations.

Chapter 7: Insuring Recreational Toys and Trailers.

Chapter 8: Getting What You Deserve for Automobile Claims.

Part III: Home Sweet Home: Understanding Homeowner’s Insurance.

Chapter 9: Understanding the Basics of Homeowner’s and Renter’s Insurance.

Chapter 10: Avoiding Homeowner’s Personal Property Pitfalls.

Chapter 11: Protecting Yourself from Major Homeowner’s Exclusions.

Chapter 12: Insuring Your Condominium or Town House.

Chapter 13: Running a Home Business without Losing Your Shirt.

Chapter 14: Getting What You Deserve for Your Homeowner’s Claims.

Part IV: Singin’ in the Rain: Umbrella Policies and More.

Chapter 15: Introducing the Personal Umbrella Policy.

Chapter 16: Choosing the Right Umbrella for Your Lifestyle.

Chapter 17: Changing Your Insurance When Your Life Changes.

Part V: Managing Life, Health, and Disability Risks.

Chapter 18: Buying Individual Health Insurance.

Chapter 19: Making the Best Group Health Insurance Decisions.

Chapter 20: Buying Medicare and Supplements.

Chapter 21: Evaluating Your Need for Long-Term-Care Insurance.

Chapter 22: Managing the Risk of Long-Term Disability.

Chapter 23: Buying Life Insurance.

Part VI: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 24: Ten Ingredients for a Watertight Insurance Program.

Chapter 25: Ten Government Programs You Should Know About.

Chapter 26: Ten Ways to Save Big Bucks on Car Insurance.