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Integral Materials Modeling: Towards Physics-Based Through-Process Models

Integral Materials Modeling: Towards Physics-Based Through-Process Models

Günter Gottstein (Editor)

ISBN: 978-3-527-61099-0

Jun 2007

314 pages



Adopting a holistic approach to materials simulation, this monograph covers four very important structural materials: aluminum, carbon steels, superalloys, and plastics. Following an introduction to the concept of integral modeling, the book goes on to cover a wide range of production steps and usage, including melt flow and solidification behavior, coating, shaping, thermal treatment, deep drawing, hardness and ductility, damage initiation, and deformation behavior.
Integral Materials Modeling
Aluminum Through-Process Modeling -
From Casting to Cup Drawing
From Casting to Product Properties -
Modeling the Process Chain of Steels
Status Of Through-Process Simulation For Coated Gas Turbine Components
Deformation Behavior of a Plastics Pipe Fitting
Modeling of Flow Processes during Solidification
Microstructure Modeling during Solidification of Castings
Coating of Turbine Blades
Hot and Cold Rolling of Al Sheet
Modeling of the hot rolling process of a C45 steel
Simulation of Phase Changes during Thermal Treatments of Various Metal Alloys
Deep drawing properties of Al sheet
Simulation of Stress Response to Cyclic Thermal Loading in Thermal Barrier Composites for Gas Turbines
Through-Process Multiscale Models for the Prediction of Recrystallization Textures
Analytic Interatomic Potentials for Atomic Scale Simulations of Metals and Metal Compounds: A brief Overview
Selected Problems of Phase-Field Modeling in Materials Science
Prediction of Microstructure and Microporosity Development in Aluminum Gravity Casting Processes
Enhanced 3D Injection Molding Simulation by Implementing Applied Crystallization Models
Modeling Shearing of gamma' in Ni-Base Superalloys
Minimal Free Energy Density of Annealed Polycrystals
Modeling Dynamic Grain Growth and its Consequences
Modeling of Severe Plastic Deformation: Evolution of Microstructure, Texture and Strength
"…a very good compilation and compares at the top of the list of books on similar subjects." (Journal of Metals Online, October 23, 2007)