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Integrated Business Processes with ERP Systems

Simha R. Magal, Jeffrey Word

ISBN: 978-0-470-57167-5 March 2011 384 Pages


Integrated Business Processes with ERP Systems covers the key processes supported by modern ERP systems. This textbook is designed for use as both a reference guide and a conceptual resource for students taking ERP-focused courses using SAP. It examines in depth the core concepts applicable to all ERP environments, and it explains how those concepts can be utilized to implement business processes in SAP systems. Students will gain a deep appreciation for the role of enterprise systems in efficiently managing processes from multiple functional perspectives. Examples of both positive and negative issues associated with enterprise systems are integrated throughout the chapters to illustrate the concepts with real-world experiences.

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1 Introduction to Business Processes 1

The Functional Organizational Structure 2

Business Processes 4

Global Bike Incorporated (GBI) 15

How to use This Book 16

2 Introduction to Enterprise Systems 23

Enterprise Systems 23

Data in an Enterprise System 29

Reporting 37

3 Introduction to Accounting 49

Organizational Data 51

Master Data 52

Key Concepts 58

Processes 61

Reporting 72

4 The Procurement Process 83

Organizational Data 84

Master Data 89

Key Concepts 95

Process 102

Reporting 119

5 The Fulfillment Process 127

Organizational Data 128

Master Data 139

Process 145

Credit Management Process 167

Reporting 170

6 The Production Process 179

Master Data 182

Process 196

Reporting 215

7 Inventory and Warehouse Management Processes 221

Inventory Management 222

Organizational Data in Warehouse Management 234

Master Data in Warehouse Management 239

Processes in Warehouse Management 242

Reporting 257

8 The Material Planning Process 269

Master Data 271

Process 285

Reporting 304

9 Process Integration 315

Procurement, Fulfi llment, and IWM Processes 318

Procurement, Fulfi llment, Production, and IWM Processes 332

Index 349

SAP demos and exercises:, recorded demonstrations of each key activity, and interactive hands-on assignments using the SAP platform.