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Integrated Chemical Processes: Synthesis, Operation, Analysis and Control

Integrated Chemical Processes: Synthesis, Operation, Analysis and Control

Kai Sundmacher (Editor), Achim Kienle (Editor), Andreas Seidel-Morgenstern (Editor)

ISBN: 978-3-527-60573-6

Nov 2005

556 pages


This is the first book dedicated to the entire field of integrated chemical processes, covering process design, analysis, operation and control of these processes. Both the editors and authors are internationally recognized experts from different fields in industry and academia, and their contributions describe all aspects of intelligent integrations of chemical reactions and physical unit operations such as heat exchange, separational operations and mechanical unit operations. As a unique feature, the book also introduces new concepts for treating different integration concepts on a generalized basis.
Of great value to a broad audience of researchers and engineers from industry and academia.
Enhancing Productivity and Thermal Efficiency of High-Temperature Endothermic Processes in Heat-Integrated Fixed-Bed Reactors
Conceptual Design of Internal Reforming in High-Temperature Fuel Cells
Instabilities in High-Temperature Fuel Cells due to Combined Heat and Charge Transport
Thermodynamic and Kinetic Effects on the Feasible Products of Reactive Distillation: A-zeo-tropes and A-rheo-tropes
Reactive Agglomeration
Simulated Moving-Bed Reactors
The Dos and Don'ts of Adsorptive Reactors
Reactive Stripping in Structured Catalytic Reactors: Hydrodynamics and Reaction Performance
Reactive Absorption
Reactive Extraction: Principles and Apparatus Concepts
Development of Reactive Crystallization Processes
Analysis and Experimental Investigation of Catalytic Membrane Reactors
Reactive Extrusion for Solvent-Free Processing: Facts and Fantasies
Reactive Comminution
Reactive Filtration
Reaction-Assisted Granulation and Agglomeration in Fluidized Beds
"Umfangreicher, didaktischer und beispielhafter kann man sich dem Thema wohl gegenwärtig nicht nähern."
Angewandte Chemie

"Diese Kombination aus tiefgreifender Analyse und Übersichtsbeiträgen macht das Buch zu einer interessanten Lektüre sowohl für den Ingenieur, der sich mit einer speziellen Fragestellung auseinander setzt, als auch für den interessierten Fachmann, der sich einen Überblick über etwas unbekanntere Gebiete der Prozessintegration verschaffen möchte."
Chemie Ingenieur Technik