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Integrated Chemical Systems: A Chemical Approach to Nanotechnology

Integrated Chemical Systems: A Chemical Approach to Nanotechnology

Allen J. Bard

ISBN: 978-0-471-00733-3 September 1994 342 Pages


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The first book to present a systematic approach to nanosystemsFully supplemented with actual examples and scores of figures andphoto illustrations, Integrated Chemical Systems takes thediscussion of nanotechnology and nanosystems out of the realm ofspeculation and into the real world. This book presents a detaileddiscussion of various approaches to the fabrication andcharacterization of nanosystems and offers a firm theoretical basisfor the operation of electrochemical and photoelectrochemicalsystems, making analogies between synthetic and naturally occurringnanosystems. The author uses examples taken from his owngroundbreaking research and that of others to create a clearpicture of the progress that has been made in this exciting newarea of research. Having established the state of the art, he goeson to offer realistic projections of future systems and theirapplications. Topics discussed include:
* Currently available methods for the construction andcharacterization of nanosystems, including spectroscopic andnuclear magnetic resonance systems
* Modified electrodes and electrochemical methods forcharacterizing them
* Fabrication of semiconductor-based systems forphotoelectrochemistry
* Suggestions and ideas for future research and projections offuture systems and their applications
Construction of Integrated Chemical Systems.

Characterization of Integrated Chemical Systems.

Chemically Modified Electrodes.

Electrochemical Characterization of Modified Electrodes.

Photoelectrochemistry and Semiconductor Materials.

Future Integrated Chemical Systems.