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Integrated Telecommunications Management Solutions

Integrated Telecommunications Management Solutions

Graham Chen, Qinzheng Kong

ISBN: 978-0-780-35353-4

Dec 1999, Wiley-IEEE Press

280 pages

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""In INTEGRATED TELECOMMUNICATIONS MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS two professional business technologists offer you practical insights into managing the business software life-cycle. This focus gives you the essentials for business process re-engineering from a software development perspective that transcends the search for the best technology of the day. You will find the principles and processes of developing integrated solutions to telecommunications management problems that will outlast individual hardware and software technologies. An in-depth report on successful software development solutions in a multiple technology environment will enable you to improve your own software development practice.

You will build better business solutions guided by these featured topics:
* Fundamental requirements for integrated solutions in the telecommunications industry
* A range of requirements and strategies for different types of technology integration from a software engineering perspective
* Commercial focused software development
* Business- and commercial-based open standards approaches

INTEGRATED TELECOMMUNICATIONS MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS is a valuable resource for technical managers, software architects, and designers who need to maintain efficient telecommunications networks on a daily basis.""

Sponsored by:
IEEE Communications Society.


Challenge of Integrated Business Management Solutions.

TMN Overview.

OSI for TMN Network Management.

Telco Business Process Reengineering.

Migrating to Distributed Systems.

Building CORBA-Based TMN Applications.

Integration Requirements.

Integration Approaches.

Generic Object Model.

Integrated Management Architecture.

Building Integrated Management Solutions.





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