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Integrating Expressive Arts and Play Therapy with Children and Adolescents



Integrating Expressive Arts and Play Therapy with Children and Adolescents

Eric J. Green (Editor), Athena A. Drewes (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-52798-6 October 2013 352 Pages


Praise for Integrating Expressive Arts and Play Therapy With Children and Adolescents

"With this book, Drs. Green and Drewes have filled an important void in the play therapy literature, namely the integration of the expressive arts in play therapy with children and adolescents. They have assembled the best theorists and practitioners of the expressive arts and given them an appropriate structure to write their chapters. The book is outstanding and provides readers with in-depth case studies, detailed methodologies, research findings and is a useful resource for further training options. I recommend this book most highly for trainers, practitioners, and graduate students."
—John Allan, PhD, Professor Emeritus of Counseling Psychology, University of British Columbia, author, Inscapes of the Child's World

"Brimming with chapters by 'oracles' from various disciplines, Green and Drewes' guidebook articulates essential competencies for the cross-disciplinary practice of play therapy and expressive arts therapies. Practical and timely, responsible and readable, it is an important resource for the mental health community and students who seek to work creatively with children. A significant contribution toward bringing professionals and professions together to learn from one another."
—Barry M. Cohen, MA, ATR-BC, founder, Expressive Therapies Summit, cofounder, Mid-Atlantic Play Therapy Training Institute

Interventions and approaches from the expressive arts and play therapy disciplines

Integrating Expressive Arts and Play Therapy With Children and Adolescents presents techniques and approaches from the expressive and play therapy disciplines that enable child and adolescent clinicians to augment their therapeutic toolkit within a competent, research-based practice.

With contributions representing a "who's who" in the play therapy and expressive arts therapy worlds, Integrating Expressive Arts and Play Therapy With Children and Adolescents is the definitive bridge between expressive arts and play therapy complementarily utilized with children and adolescents in their healing and creative capacities.

Preface xi

Acknowledgments xv

About the Editors xvii

About the Contributors xix

1 The Expressive Arts Therapy Continuum: History and Theory 1
Sandra L. Graves-Alcorn and Eric J. Green

Introduction 1

Media Dimension Variables 3

Discerning Rationale 14

References 15

2 Play Therapy 17
Athena A. Drewes and Sue C. Bratton

Introduction 17

Rationale for Play Therapy 18

History and Development 18

Empirical Support 23

Procedures and Application 24

Conclusion 34

Specialized Training and Resources 35

References 36

3 Art Therapy 41
Reina Lombardi

Introduction 41

Art Therapy: Theory 42

Research 48

Art Therapy: Process and Procedures 50

Practical Techniques 53

Conclusion 59

Specialized Training and Resources 60

References 61

4 Drama Therapy 67
Eleanor Irwin

Introduction 67

Drama Therapy: Process and Procedures 69

Blending Drama/Theatre and Therapy in NADTA 72

Effects of Attachment and a Nurturing Environment on the Ability to Work and Play 75

Drama Therapy Techniques 78

Drama Therapy Techniques With Different Ages 81

Conclusion 89

Specialized Training and Resources 90

References 97

5 Integrating Play Therapy and Sandplay Therapy 101
Rie Rogers Mitchell, Harriet S. Friedman, and Eric J. Green

Introduction 101

Therapeutic Play 102

Sandplay in a Play Therapy Setting 104

Conclusion 118

Specialized Training and Resources 119

References 123

6 Working With Children Using Dance/Movement Therapy 125
Mariah Meyer LeFeber

Introduction 125

Dance/Movement Therapy: Process and Procedures 126

Case Studies 136

Conclusion 143

Specialized Training and Resources 143

References 146

7 Music Therapy 149
Susan Hadley and Nicole Steele

Introduction 149

Music Therapy: Process and Procedures 153

Music Therapy Methods 155

Practical Techniques for Nonspecialists 165

Conclusion 173

Specialized Training and Resources 173

References 178

8 The Therapeutic Uses of Photography in Play Therapy 181
Robert Irwin Wolf

Introduction 181

Historical Overview 183

Photography as a Therapeutic Modality: The Power of the Image 184

The Importance of the Unconscious 185

The Range of Processing Visual Metaphors 186

A Note of Caution 186

Technological Update 188

Special Considerations of Confidentiality 190

Suggestions for Creative Project Directives 191

Detailed Digital Editing Directions for More Advanced Projects 195

Case Studies: Clinical and Creative Uses of Photography 198

Conclusion 201

Specialized Training and Resources 201

References 202

9 Poetry Therapy 205
Diane L. Kaufman, Rebecca C. Chalmers, and Wendy Rosenberg

Introduction 205

Poetry Therapy: Process and Procedures 207

Practical Techniques and Case Studies 215

Conclusion 222

Specialized Trainings and Resources 223

References 227

10 Integrating Play and Expressive Art Therapy Into Educational Settings: A Pedagogy for Optimistic Therapists 231
Jodi M. Crane and Jennifer N. Baggerly

Introduction to Creative Experiential Learning 231

Preparation 233

Process 238

Activities 241

CEL Classroom Scenario 247

Conclusion 248

References 249

11 Integrating Play and Expressive Art Therapy Into Small Group Counseling With Preadolescents: A Humanistic Approach 253
Sue C. Bratton, Dalena Dillman Taylor, and Sinem Akay

Introduction 253

Integrating Play and Expressive Art Therapy Into Small Group Counseling with Preadolescents: Process and Procedures 257

Practical Application 264

Conclusion 278

References 278

12 Integrating Play and Expressive Art Therapy Into Communities: A Multimodal Approach 283
Julia Byers

Introduction 283

Context 285

School Community Response 288

Shattered Worldview 289

Expressive Therapies Haven 292

References 300

Author Index 303

Subject Index 311