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Integrating Spirituality and Religion Into Counseling: A Guide to Competent Practice, 2nd Edition

Integrating Spirituality and Religion Into Counseling: A Guide to Competent Practice, 2nd Edition

Craig S. Young , J. Scott Young

ISBN: 978-1-119-02587-0

Dec 2014

328 pages

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In this book, experts in the field discuss how spiritual and religious issues can be successfully integrated into counseling in a manner that is respectful of client beliefs and practices. Designed as an introductory text for counselors-in-training and clinicians, it describes the knowledge base and skills necessary to effectively engage clients in an exploration of their spiritual and religious lives to further the therapeutic process. Through an examination of the 2009 ASERVIC Competencies for Addressing Spiritual and Religious Issues in Counseling and the use of evidence-based tools and techniques, this book will guide you in providing services to clients presenting with these deeply sensitive and personal issues. Numerous strategies for clinical application are offered throughout the book, and new chapters on mindfulness, ritual, 12-step spirituality, prayer, and feminine spirituality enhance application to practice.

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Foreword vii
Gerald Corey

Preface xi

Acknowledgments xiii

About the Editors xv

About the Contributors xvii

Chapter 1 Integrating Spirituality and Religion Into Counseling: An Introduction 1
J. Scott Young and Craig S. Cashwell

Chapter 2 The Revised ASERVIC Spiritual Competencies 25
Linda A. Robertson and Mark E. Young

Chapter 3 Culture and Worldview 43
Marsha I. Wiggins

Chapter 4 Counselor Self-Awareness: Exploring Attitudes, Beliefs, and Values 71
W. Bryce Hagedorn and Holly J. Hartwig Moorhead

Chapter 5 Human and Spiritual Development and Transformation 97
Ryan D. Foster and Janice Miner Holden

Chapter 6 Communicating About Spirituality in Counseling 119
Jennifer R. Curry and Laura R. Simpson

Chapter 7 Assessing the Spiritual and Religious Domain 141
Carman S. Gill, Melanie C. Harper, and Stephanie F. Dailey

Chapter 8 Diagnosis and Treatment 163
Craig S. Cashwell and J. Scott Young

Chapter 9 Mindfulness 183
D. Paige Bentley Greason

Chapter 10 Ritual in Counseling 209
Alan Basham

Chapter 11 12-Step Spirituality 225
Keith Morgen and Oliver J. Morgan

Chapter 12 The Use of Prayer in Counseling 243
Sharon E. Cheston and Joanne L. Miller

Chapter 13 Working With the Divine Feminine 261
Michele Kielty Briggs and Amy Tais Banner

Chapter 14 Where Do We Go From Here? 279
J. Scott Young and Craig S. Cashwell

Index 291