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Intellectual Property in Transition

Intellectual Property in Transition

Friedrich-Karl Beier (Editor), Gerhard Schricker (Editor), William R. Cornish (Editor)

ISBN: 978-3-527-28784-0

Oct 1997

100 pages

Select type: Hardcover

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From the Contents
- Twenty-Five Years of Patent Law in IIC
- The Development of Trademark Law in the Last 25 Years
- Twenty-Five Years of Protection Against Unfair Competition
- Copyright Across the Quarter-Century
- The Future of the European Patent System
- The European Court and Intellectual Property
- Intellectual Property and Desocialization in Eastern Europe
- The Future of the Traditional Intellectual Property Conventions in the Brave New World of Trade-Related
Intellectual Property Rights
- Continuity and Development in Japanese Intellectual Property Rights
- Patenting Human Genes in Europe -
Past Development and Prospects for the Future
- Developments in Utiliy Model Law
- The Convergence of Copyright and Authors´ Rights -
Reality or Chimera?
- Authorship and New Technologies from the Viewpoint of Civil Law Traditions
- The Draft International Antitrust Code: Objections and Rejoinders
- Economic Effects of Strengthening Pharmaceutical Patent Protection in Italy