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Intentional Revolutions: A Seven-Point Strategy for Transforming Organizations

Intentional Revolutions: A Seven-Point Strategy for Transforming Organizations

Edwin C. Nevis, Joan Lancourt, Helen C. Vassallo

ISBN: 978-0-787-90240-7

Apr 1996, Jossey-Bass

287 pages

Select type: Hardcover

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Let science set the stage

The most valuable ally a change agent could want. Author Edwin Nevis and his coauthors leverage breakthrough behavioral and social science research to arrive at seven surefire methods for investing workers with an all-new mindset. The results: a powerful strategy for influencing behavior, minimizing resistance to change, and sustaining an organization that is continuously adapting and self-renewing. Filled with examples of both successful and failed change efforts -- and with numerous case studies from companies including Motorola and Xerox -- this is one how-to on effecting change you should definitely include in your arsenal.
Part One: The Challenge of Transformational Change
1. Discontinuous Thinking: The Challenge of Tranformational Change
2. Building a New Consciousness: The Creation of Organizational Reality
3. Practical Dimensions of Transformational Change Phases and Methods
4. The Path of Least Resistance: Working with Multiple Realities
Part Two: Seven Methods of Influence: An Integrated Strategy for Transformational Change
5. Persuasive Communication: Enabling People to Envision a Different Future
6. Participation: Creating a Shared Reality Through Joint Endeavor
7. Expectancy: Using the Power of Self-Fulfilling Prophecy
8. Role Modeling: Showing a Conducive Work Environment
9. Extrinsic Rewards: Reinforcing Behaviors that Support the Transformation
10. Coercion: Using it Legitimately
11. Integrating the Strategies for Maximum Impact
"This book is both a mind-stretcher and a practical guide . . . an important addition to the library of any leader concerned with change." --Richard Beckhard, director, Richard Beckhard Associates and coauthor of Changing the Essence