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Interactions Between Global Climate Subsystems: The Legacy of Hann

Interactions Between Global Climate Subsystems: The Legacy of Hann

G. A. McBean (Editor), M. Mantel (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-66659-3

Mar 2013, American Geophysical Union

155 pages

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Published by the American Geophysical Union as part of the Geophysical Monograph Series, Volume 75.

The global climate system is characterized by exchanges of matter and energy between its various components on a wide range of time and space scales. The essence of understanding, and eventually predicting, climate and global change will depend on our capability to measure and model these exchanges. Energy, water and biogeochemical cycles of all kinds are the focus of this interdisciplinary volume. Some papers deal with theoretical, others with observational and others with the modelling aspects of fluxes of matter and energy between parts of the global climate system. This volume arose out of the Hann Symposium and has been augmented by contributions from two other symposia. The result is a comprehensive set of papers dealing with the interacting components of the climate system.

G. A. McBean, M. Hantel ix

Helmut Moritz xi

1 Some Aspects of Julius von Hann's Contribution to Modern Climatology
Peter Kahlig 1

2 Physical 3D-Climatology from Hann to the Satellite Era
Hermann Flohn 9

3 A Note on the Energy Flux Across the Earth's Surface
Michael Hantel 21

4 The Effect of Increasing the Level of Atmospheric CO2 on Heat and Vapour Fluxes over Vegetated
M. H. Zemankovics 29

5 Interactions between Biosphere and Atmosphere Analysed with the Osnabruck Biosphere Model
Gerd Esser and Helmut Lieth 35

6 Diurnal Variations in the Water Vapor Budget Components over the Midwestern United States in
Summer 1979
Abraham Zangvil, Diane H. Portis and Peter J. Lamb 53

7 Ocean Heat Transport Across 24°N Latitude
Harry L. Bryden 65

8 The Role of the Oceans in the Global Water Cycle
Raymond W. Schmitt and Susan E. Wiffels 77

9 Carbon Dioxide and Nitrous Oxide in the Arabian Sea
S. W.A. Naqvi, R. Sen Gupta and M. Dileep Kumar 85

10 Re-Evaluation of the Global Energy Balance
Atsumu Ohmura and Hans Gilgen 93

11 Interannual Variations in the Stratosphere of the Northern Hemisphere: A Description of Some
Probable Influences
H. van Loon and K. Labitzke 111

12 Changes of Total Solar Irradiance
Claus Frohlich 123

13 Energetic Particle Influences on NO y and Ozone in the Middle Atmosphere
Charles H. Jackman 131

14 Climate Studies via Space Geodesy: Relationships between ENSO and Interannual Length-of-Day
J. 0. Dickey, S. L. Marcus, T. M. Eubanks and R. Hide 141