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Interactive Lecture Demonstrations, Active Learning in Introductory Physics



Interactive Lecture Demonstrations, Active Learning in Introductory Physics

David R. Sokoloff, Ronald K. Thornton

ISBN: 978-0-471-48774-6 September 2006 374 Pages


Interactive Lecture Demonstrations (ILDs) are designed to enhance conceptual learning in large (and small) physics lectures through active engagement of students in the learning process. Real physics demonstrations are shown to students, who then make predictions about the outcomes on a prediction sheet, and collaborate with fellow students by discussing their predictions in small groups. Students then observe the results of the live demonstration (often displayed as real-time graphs using computer data acquisition tools), compare these results with their predictions, and attempt to explain the observed phenomena. ILDs have been demonstrated through physics education research to enhance student learning of physics concepts.

 ILDs can be used within the traditional structure of an introductory physics course. All of the printed materials needed to implement them are included in this book.

Intended Courses:
· Department: Physics 
· Course Name:  Algebra Based or Calculus Based Introductory Physics
· Course Level:  Freshman/Sophomore


Section I: Introduction to Interactive Lecture Demonstrations
The Eight Step Interactive Lecture Demonstration Procedure

Section II: Interactive Lecture Demonstrations in Mechanics
KIN1 Kinematics 1--Human Motion
KIN2 Kinematics 2--Motion of Carts
N1&2 Newton's 1st & 2nd Laws
N3 Newton's 3rd Law
VECT Vectors
PROJ Projectile Motion
ENER Energy of a Cart on a Ramp
MOM Momentum
ROTM Rotational Motion
STAT Statics
FLUS Fluid Statics

Section III: Interactive Lecture Demonstrations in Oscillations and Waves
SHM Simple Harmonic Motion
SND Sound

Section IV: Interactive Lecture Demonstrations in Heat and Thermodynamics
INHT Introduction to Heat and Temperature
SPHT Specific Heat
HTPC Heat and Phase Changes
HENG Heat Engine

Section V: Interactive Lecture Demonstrations in Electricity and Magnetism
EFFP Electrostatic Field, Force and Potential
INDC Introduction to DC Circuits
SPC Series and Parallel Circuits
RCC RC Circuits
MAG Magnetism
EMIN Electromagnetic Induction
ACC AC Circuits

Section VI: Interactive Lecture Demonstrations in Light and Optics
RRLT Reflection and Refraction of Light
IMFL Image Formation with Lenses
MIRR Mirrors
POL Polarized Light

Appendix A: Interactive Lecture Demonstration Experiment Configuration Files
· Are available for all of the major topics in the introductory physics course.
· Engage students to probe their understandings of basic physics concepts.
· Use a learning cycle based on physics education research including prediction, observation, and comparison with the results of real physics experiments.
· Includes student prediction and results sheets that can be copied and distributed to your students, teachers guides with equipment and setup details, and teacher presentation notes to guide your classroom presentations.
· Is compatible with most computer data acquisition hardware and software.