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Interdisciplinary Research: Diverse Approaches in Science, Technology, Health and Society

Interdisciplinary Research: Diverse Approaches in Science, Technology, Health and Society

John Atkinson (Editor), Malcolm Crowe (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-470-02947-3 November 2006 262 Pages




An important book by researchers from across disciplines introducing varying ideas on research, important in these days of inter-disciplinary and multi-centered investigation.

The book introduces academics to new areas of endeavour and encourages researchers and students to think broadly when devising their studies. Linking chapters present the contributions in an historical and theoretical context, identifying the themes between the approaches, and encourages new thinking about old problems. Includes contributions from leading researchers across the quantitative-qualitative spectrum, from marine biology to spirituality.

With funding under increasing pressure, the different views will help departments form new alliances and encourage interdisciplinary working.



1. Research Today (Professor Malcolm Crowe, University of Paisley).

2. Studying Complexity (Professor Ian Boyd: University of St Andrews).

3. A Sustainable Environment? A ‘Lopsided View’ of an Environmental Geochemist  (Professor Andrew S Hursthouse, University of Paisley).

4. Use and Abuse of Statisticians (Mr Mario Hair, Statistics Consultancy Unit, University of Paisley).

5. Research in Information Systems – Mine and my Colleagues (Dr Abel Usoro, University of Paisley).

6. Hearing Lips and Seeing Voices: Illusion and Serendipity in Auditory-Visual Perception Research (Professor John MacDonald, Professor of Psychology, Division of Psychology, University of Paisley).

7. Research in Modern History (Professor Martin Myant, University of Paisley).

8. ‘Scientificity’ and its Alternatives: Aspects of Philosophy and Methodology within Media and Cultural Studies Research (Professor Neil Blain, University of Paisley).

9. The Truth as Personal Documentation: An Anthropological Narrative of Hospital Portering (Nigel Rapport, Concordia University of Montreal).

10. Philosophy, Nursing and the Nature of Evidence (Professor P Anne Scott, School of Nursing, Dublin City University).

11. Researching the Spiritual: Outcome or Process (Dr Harriet Mowat and Professor John Swinton, University of Paisley).

12. Using Narrative in Care and Research – the Patient’s Journey (Professor John Atkinson, University of Paisley).


""A celebration of research approaches" is an apt and accurate depiction of the debate laid before the reader of this text." (Accident and Emergency Nursing Journal, October 2007)