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Interfaces in Heterogeneous Ceramic Systems



Interfaces in Heterogeneous Ceramic Systems


This book provides a state-of-the-art collection of recent papers on interfaces in heterogeneous ceramic systems presented at the 6th Pacific Rim Conference on Ceramic and Glass Technology (PacRim 6) in September of 2005 in Maui, Hawaii. The book is logically divided into 5 sections on interfaces, including theory and modeling, wetting phenomena, heterogeneous interfaces in high-temperature superconductors, bio-interfaces, and new developments in instrumentation that aid in the characterization of interfaces.
Preface vii

Theory and Modeling

Hybrid Quantum-Classical Study of Nano-Interfaces S. Ogata T. Kouno T. Igarashi 3

Molecular Dynamics Simulations of the Effect of the Composition of Intergranular Films on Grain Growth S. H. Garofalini 19

Modeling of Metal/Ceramic Wetting Systems T. Makino S.-i Tanaka 31

Wetting by Metal and Oxide Liquids

Evidence of a High-Temperature Wetting Transition between Ag-CuO Liquid Alloys and Yttria-Stabilized Zirconia Substrates K. S. Weil J. T. Darsell J. Y. Kim 45

Thermochemistry of Sapphire Wetting by Steel Containing both Aluminum and Titanium in Nitrogen Atmospheres P. D. Ownby B. T. Eldred 55

Quantitative Phase Analysis of Reactive Wetting of Mullite by Silicate Glasses P. D. Ownby B. T. Eldred W. Braue B. Hildmann 67

Interfaces in High-Temperature Superconductors

Chemical Interactions and Reaction Kinetics of the Ba[subscript 2]YCu[subscript 3]O[subscript 6+x]/CeO[subscript 2] System W. Wong-Ng L. P. Cook P. Schenck I. Levin Z. Yang Q. Huang J. Frank 83

Superconducting Properties of (Y[subscript 1-x]Gd[subscript x])Ba[subscript2]Cu[subscript 3]O[subscript 7-x] Processed in Partial Oxygen Atmospheres T. Haugan J. M. Evans I. Maartense P. N. Barnes 99

Ni-20%Cr Coatings on Biaxially-Textured Copper and Copper-Iron Alloy Substrates for YBa[subscript 2]Cu[subscript 3]O[subscript 7-x] Coated Conductor Applications C. V. Varanasi Gerald R. Landis P. N. Barnes J. L. Burke N. A. Yust T. J. Haugan 111

Comparison of YBCO Thin Films Fabricated using Different Approaches S. M. Mukhopadhyay J. H. Su V. Chintamaneni S. Vemulakonda P. P. Joshi 121


Biomechanical Function of the Dentino-Enamel Junction Reflects Genetic Control S. N. White V. G. Miklus A. Y. Ngan K. Potter W. Luo M. L. Snead M. L. Paine 135

Characterization of Interfaces

Ablation in Carbon/Carbon Composites: Microscopic Observations and 3D Numerical Simulation of Surface Roughness Evolution J. Lachaud G. L. Vignoles J.-M. Goyheneche J.-F. Epherre 149

Three Dimensional Characterization of Microstructure and Interfaces D. J. Miller J. M. Miller E. L. Principe 161

Characterization of Interfaces and Defects on the Atomic Scale with the Conjunction of Stem Z-Contrast Imaging and Eels F. Fu N. D. Browning D. C. Kundaliya S. X. Zhang W. Ramadan T. Venkatesan S. B. Ogale 171

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