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Interfacial Enzyme Kinetics

Interfacial Enzyme Kinetics

Otto G. Berg, Mahendra Kumar Jain

ISBN: 978-0-471-49304-4

Feb 2002

328 pages

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A vast number of biochemical reactions are catalysed by molecules fixed to the surface of membranes (or other biological structures) with molecules in the surrounding solution. The study of the mechanisms at these "Biointerfaces" are becoming increasingly important for the understanding of biological catalysts, such as enzymes. This project is the first book to deal with the physical and chemical principles of an emerging field of science, for which the authors have set the ground-work.
* The first book to deal with this newly emerging area.

* Concentrates on the chemical and physical foundation of enzyme catalysis

* Key area for the deeper understanding of biocatalytic processes

* Examples for proteins and nucleic acids, two central areas of biochemical and bioorganic research
Theory Boxes
List of Symbols
Why Interfacial Enzymes?
Interface Phenomena: Accessibility and Exchange
To Be or Not To Be: Dilemma for the Substrate in Solution
Interfacial Processivity: Ensemble Behavior in the Scooting Mode
Analysis of the Processive Reaction Progress
Detailed Balance Conditions for Interfacial Equilibria
Rapid Substrate Replenishment in the Quasi-Scooting Mode
Interfacial Allostery
Inhibition: Specific or Nonspecific
The Delay to the Steady State in the Reaction Progress
Nonidealities of the Dispersed Phases
Effects of Reduction of Dimensionality
"...outlines the principles, rules, and analytic protocols for the kinetic analysis of the catalytic functions of enzymes at interfaces." (SciTech Book News, Vol. 26, No. 2, June 2002)