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Interfacial Kinetics and Mass Transport

Interfacial Kinetics and Mass Transport

Allen J. Bard (Editor), Martin Stratmann (Editor), Ernesto J. Calvo (Editor)

ISBN: 978-3-527-30394-6

Apr 2003

563 pages

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Unrivalled in its breadth and depth, this 11-volume encyclopedia provides both an easy introduction to all topics related to modern electrochemistry as well as a comprehensive overview of the subject. Throughout, the emphasis is in easy access to information, with every topic treated at an introductory, medium and advanced level. This first-class reference work is edited and written by renowned scientists, covering everything from fundamental research to areas of application. Alan Bard, experienced editor of the Journal of the American Chemical Society, is one of the most renowned experts in electrochemistry and one of the editors-in-chief.
From the Contents:
1 Fundamentals
2 Transport Phenomena
3 New experimental evidences
4 Interfacial structure and kinetics
5 Kinetics and mechanism of selected electrochemical processes
"…contains more modern accounts of specialized electrochemical topics that have not heretofore been consolidated in a single source…strongly compliments others in the series and provides reliable, updated information…this volume is excellent…has definite value as an important reference resource..." (Journal of the American Chemical Society, Vol. 126, No. 5)