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Intermetallic Compounds, Volume 1, Crystal Structures of

Intermetallic Compounds, Volume 1, Crystal Structures of

ISBN: 978-0-471-60880-6

Jun 2000

304 pages

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An intermetallic compound is one consisting of two or more metallic elements present in definite proportions in alloy. They are used in a wide range of industries such as semiconductors and the aerospace industry. Thousands of tons of the nickel aluminum alloy are used worldwide every year.

Intermetallic Compounds, 4 Volume Set

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Preface to the 1995 Edition

Preface to Reprint Volumes


Crystal Structure Nomenclature

1 Factors Governing Crystal Structures

Pierre Villars

2 Close-Packed Structures

Jurgen Hauck and Klaus Mika

3 Body-Centered Cubic Derivative Structures

Erwin E. Hellner and Roland Schwarz

4 Wurtzite and Sphalerite Structures

Erwin Parthe

5 Atomic Environments in Some Related Intermetallic Structure Types

Jo L. C. Daams

6 Some Important Structures of Fixed Stoichiometry

Michael V. Nevitt and Carl C. Koch

7 Topologically Close-Packed Structures

Evgen I. Gladyshevskii and Oksana Bodak

8 Structure Mapping

David G. Pettifor

9 Magnetic Structures

Walter L. Roth

10 Quasicrystals and Related Structures

Kenneth F. Kelton


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