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International Business and Society

International Business and Society

Steven L. Wartick, Donna J. Wood

ISBN: 978-1-557-86944-9 December 1997 264 Pages


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The book takes knowledge and understanding developed within uni-societal studies of business and society and extends the frame of reference to the international arena.
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1. Business and Society: Global Issues and Global Environments.

2. Institutions, Ideologies, Technology and the Isms.

3. Managing International Business - Government Relations.

4. Corporate Social Responsibility and Responsiveness.

5. Managing International Stakeholder Relations.

6. Micro-Level Issues: Ethics and Values.

7. Managing Business Ethics in Diverse Societal Environments.

8. Tying it Together: International Issues, Management and Public Affairs.

9. Managing Global Corporate Social Performance.

10. Business and Societies: The Future.

  • First text to explore the breadth of business and society topics within an international context.

  • Extends existing business and society models to a global context and provides new frameworks and conceptualizations such as the "institutional ideological model" and "stakeholder power bases".

  • Models and concepts supported by practical, managerial approach to assist managers to develop new tools for the increasing internationalization of business.