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International Business

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International Business

Shad Morris, James Oldroyd

ISBN: 978-1-119-43361-3 May 2018 256 Pages

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International Business provides a learning format that enables instructors to give their students an engaging learning experience. The course integrates a streamlined content approach with dynamic content that includes current cutting-edge topics and high-interest examples that are relevant to the business world. 

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1. Globalization

2. Analytical Tools for International Business

3. Political Systems

4. The Legal Environment

5. Economic Systems

6. Currency and Foreign Exchange

7. Trade

8. Culture

9. Sustainability

10. Poverty

11. Technological Change and Infrastructure

12. Global Innovation and Intellectual Property

13. Country Selection and Entry

14. International Strategy

15. International Organizational Structures

16. Global Leadership

17. Global Marketing

18. Global Operations and Supply-Chain Management

19. Global Human Resource Management

20. Global Finance and Accounting



Introductory videos begin each chapter: Ideal to use as a “lecture launcher,” assign to prep your students for class, or use as a review, the introductory videos open each chapter with a mini-lecture. These introductory videos were created to provide a comprehensive, engaging, and visually dynamic overview of the chapter’s key concepts.

Engaging whiteboard animations keep your students engaged: Whiteboard animations are offered at various points in each chapter, allowing a walk-through of key concepts via an animated lecture. As the video plays, an illustrator uses dynamic drawings to keep the audience hooked and wondering what is going to be drawn next. Students can use these videos to review challenging content or key concepts.

International cases and application problems make the material more “real” for students: Each section includes one or more cases with discussion questions. The case solutions show students how to use the text content to solve the problem. Although these cases generally relate to a single learning objective, the assignable cases at the end of each chapter are more comprehensive.

Clear Learning Objectives: Each chapter section is organized around four learning objectives (LOs). These LOs have an exercise/activity/question/video to “activate students” with figures and tables that illustrate the content. At the end of each LO, students complete an application of the content, reinforcing the concepts covered and providing a practical application of the content to enable student mastery.

Career Center Resources: These resources prepare students for future professions with Inside Track, a career coaching system, and CareerShift, a leading job search tool. Students also have access to Career Coach Videos and an ePortfolio guide.