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International Economics, 13th Edition

Dominick Salvatore

ISBN: 978-1-119-55495-0 October 2019

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International Economics, 13th Edition provides students with a comprehensive, up-to-date review of the field’s essential principles and theory. This comprehensive textbook explains the concepts necessary to understand, evaluate, and address the economic problems and issues the nations of the world are currently facing, and are likely to face in the future. Balancing depth and accessibility, the text helps students identify the real-world relevance of the material through extensive practical applications and examples.

The new, thoroughly-updated and expanded edition provides students with a solid knowledgebase in international trade theory and policy, balance of payments, foreign exchange markets and exchange rates, open-economy macroeconomics, and the international monetary system. The text uniquely employs the same graphical and numerical model in chapters that cover the same basic concept, allowing students to recognize the relationship among the different topics without having to start with a new example each time. Clear, straightforward discussions of each key concept and theory are complemented by concrete, accessible, and relatable examples that serve to strengthen student comprehension and retention. Topics include the ‘Great Recession,’ the increase in trade protectionism, excessive volatility and large misalignments of exchange rates, and the impacts of resource scarcity and climate change to continued growth and sustainable development.

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  • Significant number of new and revised case studies
  • Coverage of the crisis in the Euro Zone, the increasing use of Artificial Intelligence, the challenge to the World Liberal Economic Order posed by Trump Economics, and outsourcing, offshoring, and fear of globalization in the U.S.
  • Discussions of the rise of China, the internationalization of Chinese currency, and the need to reform the international monetary system to reduce major structural imbalances
  • Analyses of the danger of another global financial crisis resulting from new financial bubbles and the excessive national debt of many emerging market economies
  • Provides over 120case studies to reinforce understanding and highlight the most important topics presented in the chapter
  • Offers a full complement of pedagogical tools, such as chapter summaries, key term lists, problem sets, links to data sources, information, and analyses, and a corresponding website for each chapter
  • Features an online study guide where students can review key concepts and access additional illustrative examples, practice problems, and exercise sets
  • Includes an Image Bank, a test bank, and an instructor’s manualwhich contains chapter objectives and lecture suggestions, and additional problems and essays