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International Journal of Experimental Pathology

International Journal of Experimental Pathology

Edited By:David R Katz

Online ISSN: 1365-2613 Impact Factor: 1.938


Experimental Pathology encompasses the use of multidisciplinary scientific techniques to investigate the pathogenesis and progression of pathologic processes.

The International Journal of Experimental Pathology - IJEP - publishes papers which afford new and imaginative insights into the basic mechanisms underlying human disease.

IJEP publishes papers on in vitro work, animal models, and clinical research. The key objective is to report on work that addresses the common theme of mechanism at a cellular and molecular level.

IJEP publishes both original experimental investigations and review articles.

Recent themes for review series have covered topics as diverse as 'Viruses and Cancer', 'Granulomatous Diseases', 'Stem cells' and 'Cardiovascular Pathology'.

Current status reviews have considered 'Joint cavity formation', Adhesion molecules in liver and gut' and 'New informative animal models'.

Experimental Pathology as a discipline will include research into a wide variety of fields of interest. Thus, IJEP has provided a forum for the reporting of studies into:

  • pathogenesis and aetiology of infectious disease
  • the causes of impaired resistance to infection
  • stress-related diseases
  • agent-induced toxicity
  • auto-immune disease
  • congenital and hereditary disorders
  • endocrine pathology
  • enviornmental pathology
  • pathology of trauma
  • the causes and mechanisms of carcinogenesis
  • biochemical malfunctions
  • iatrogenic disease
  • the pathology of ageing
  • new and informative animal models of disease
  • veterinary pathology
  • the development and use of in vitro models of human pathology

The Editors of IJEP pay particular attention that research reported confirms with currently accepted ethical standards.