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International Journal of Urban and Regional Research, Volume 41, Issue 4

International Journal of Urban and Regional Research, Volume 41, Issue 4

Matthew Gandy (Editor), Maria Kaika (Editor), Ananya Roy (Editor), Fulong Wu (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-119-44265-3

Dec 2017, Wiley-Blackwell

168 pages

Select type: Paperback


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Since its foundation in 1977 IJURR has been at the cutting-edge of critical urban scholarship. IJURR is taking forward its commitment to interdisciplinary and international urban research, connecting with new audiences and debates, consolidating its position as a leading publication in the field. 

  • Explores questions and themes of interest to a wide readership including urban planners, architects and practitioners.
  • Includes both stand-alone articles and critical dialogues
  • Connects with critical debates in the policy-making and professional arenas
  • Uses visual materials ranging from architectural sketches, film stills and photographs to various explanatory figures and tables

The Variegated Financialization of Housing (Manuel B. Aalbers)
Privatization, Financialization and State Restructuring in Eastern Germany: The case of Am südpark (Matthias Bernt, Laura Colini and Daniel Förste)
The Financialization of A Social Housing Provider (Manuel B. Aalbers, Jannes Van Loon and Rodrigo Fernandez)
Unwilling Subjects of Financialization (Desiree Fields)
Financialization of Housing in Brazil: New Frontiers (Alvaro Luis Dos Santos Pereira)
The Financialization of Housing Production in Brussels (Alice Romainville) 

Real Geographies, Real Economies and Soft Spatial Imaginaries: Creating a ‘More than Manchester’ Region (Stephen Hincks, Iain Deas and Graham Haughton)
Using the Past to Construct Territorial Identities in Regional Planning: The Case of Mälardalen, Sweden (Luciane Aguiar Borges)
Killing the Regional Leviathan? Deinstitutionalization and Stickiness of Regions (Kaj Zimmerbauer, Sulevi Riukulehto and Timo Suutari) 

Book Reviews
Jonathan Crush, Abel Chikanda and Caroline Skinner (eds.) 2015: Mean Streets: Migration, Xenophobia and Informality in South Africa. Cape Town: Southern African Migration Programme, the African Center for Cities and the International Development Research Center Daniel Goldstein 2016: Owners of the Sidewalk: Security and Survival in the Informal City. Durham, NC: Duke University Press (Claire Benit-Gbaffou)
Thomas J. Main 2016: Homelessness in New York City: Policymaking from Koch to de Blasio. New York: New York University Press (Tom Baker)
Tracy Neumann 2016: Remaking the Rust Belt: The Postindustrial Transformation of North America. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press (L. Owen Kirkpatrick)
Robert Argenbright 2016: Moscow under Construction. City Building, Place-Based Protest, and Civil Society. Lanham, MD: Lexington Books (Oleg Golubchikov)
Rosemary Wakeman 2016: Practicing Utopia: An Intellectual History of the New Town Movement. Chicago: University of Chicago Press (Allan Cochrane)
Martin van der Velde and Ton van Naerssen (eds.) 2015: Mobility and Migration Choices: Thresholds to Crossing Borders. Aldershot: Ashgate (Felicitas Hillmann)