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International Journal of Urban and Regional Research, Volume 42, Issue 1

International Journal of Urban and Regional Research, Volume 42, Issue 1

Mustafa Dikeç, Matthew Gandy, Ananya Roy, Fulong Wu

ISBN: 978-1-119-48250-5

Apr 2018

184 pages

Select type: Paperback


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Since its foundation in 1977 IJURR has been at the cutting-edge of critical urban scholarship. IJURR is taking forward its commitment to interdisciplinary and international urban research, connecting with new audiences and debates, consolidating its position as a leading publication in the field.

  • Explores questions and themes of interest to a wide readership including urban planners, architects and practitioners
  • Includes both stand-alone articles and critical dialogues
  • Connects with critical debates in the policy-making and professional arenas
  • Uses visual materials ranging from architectural sketches, film stills and photographs to various explanatory figures and tables

Beyond Space: Spatial (Re)Production and Middle-Class Remaking Driven by Jiaoyufication in Nanjing City, China (Qiyan Wu, Tim Edensor and Jianquan Cheng)
Being Good Parents or Being Good Citizens: Dilemmas and Contradictions of Urban Families in Middle-Class Enclaves and Mixed Neighbourhoods in Germany (Susanne Frank and Sabine Weck)
Planning Gentrification and the ‘Absent’ State in Athens (Georgia Alexandri)
Race and the Production of Extreme Land Abandonment in the American Rust Belt (Jason Hackworth)
‘If I was King of India I would Get All the Horns Out of Cars’: A Qualitative Study of Sound in Delhi (Maria Patsarika, Tatjana Schneider and Michael Edwards) 

Bourdieu Comes to Town: Pertinence, Principles, Applications (Loïc Wacquant)
Social Space and the Genesis of Appropriated Physical Space (Pierre Bourdieu)
Social Power and Power Over Space: How the Bourgeoisie Reproduces itself in the City (Monique Pinçon-Charlot and Michel Pinçon)
Urban Distinctions: Class, Culture and Sociability in the City of Porto (Virgílio Borges Pereira)
Emerging Cultural Capital in the City: Profiling London and Brussels (Mike Savage, Laurie Hanquinet, Niall Cunningham and Johs Hjellbrekke)
Categorizing Neighborhoods: The Invention of ‘Sensitive Areas’ in France and ‘Historic Districts’ in the United States (Sylvie Tissot)
Heavy is the House: Rent Burden among the American Urban Poor (Matthew Desmond) 

Book Reviews
Davide Ponzini and Michele Nastasi 2016: Starchitecture: Scenes, Actors, and Spectacles in Contemporary Cities (Second edition). New York: The Monacelli Press (Sabrina Puddu)
Wayne K.D. Davies (ed.) 2015: Theme Cities: Solutions for Urban Problems. London: Springer (GeoJournal Library No. 112) (Dieter Rink and Annegret Haase)
Robert Biel 2016: Sustainable Food Systems: The Role of the City. London: UCL Press (Beatrice Walthall)
Donna Hornby, Rosalie Kingwill, Lauren Royston and Ben Cousins (eds.) 2017: Untitled: Securing Land Tenure in Urban and Rural South Africa. Pietermaritzburg: University of KwaZulu-Natal Press (Colin Marx)
Stefan Gärtner and Franz Flögel 2017: Raum und Banken: Zur Funktionsweise regionaler Banken [Space and Banks: Regarding the Functioning of Regional Banks]. Baden-Baden: Nomos (Walter Bartl)
Doreen Lee 2016: Activist Archives: Youth Culture and the Political Past in Indonesia. Durham, NC: Duke University Press (Rachel Rinaldo)