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International Money and Foreign Exchange Markets: An Introduction

International Money and Foreign Exchange Markets: An Introduction

Julian Walmsley

ISBN: 978-0-471-95320-3

Jul 1996

276 pages

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Walmsley is a well-known financial author and a respected authority in international investing, trading and risk management. In this superb introductory text, he discusses the enormous changes which have occurred during the past few years in foreign exchange markets and the impact they will have on the manner in which international business will be conducted over the next decade. Includes comprehensive coverage of daily financial management and control issues.
Money Markets.

Euromarkets and Foreign Exchange.

The Euromarkets and Global Financial Integration.

Links Between Foreign Exchange and Money Markets.

The International Financial System.

European Monetary Union.

Efficient Markets--or Chaos?

Forecasting the Markets.

Money and Foreign Exchange Mechanics.

Financial Futures.

Interest Rate and Currency Swaps.


Risk Issues.

Further Reading.