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International Nursing Review

International Nursing Review

Edited By:Sue Turale

Vol 65(4 Issues in 2018 ) Print ISSN: 0020-8132 Online ISSN: 1466-7657 Impact Factor: 1.517


International Nursing Review is a key resource for nurses world-wide. Articles are encouraged that reflect the ICN’s five key values: flexibility, inclusiveness, partnership, achievement and visionary leadership. Authors are encouraged to identify the relevance of local issues for the global community and to describe their work and to document their experience and research in the following areas:

  • International and governmental developments that affect nursing and healthcare

  • Regulation of the profession, health and human resource development, workplace issues

  • Ethics, patient safety

  • The impact of globalisation and technology

  • Primary healthcare, leadership, nursing documentation

  • Innovations in practice, health services management, education and social policy

  • Changes needed in nursing curricula to practice in future healthcare environments

  • Activities of colleagues across the more than 130 countries in ICN membership

  • Health professionals meetings, seminars and courses

  • ICN programmes and activities