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International Relations, 3rd Edition

International Relations, 3rd Edition

Stephanie Lawson

ISBN: 978-1-509-50855-6

Jul 2017, Polity

240 pages

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International Relations emerged as a distinct academic discipline in the early twentieth century, but its philosophic foundations draw on centuries of thinking about human nature, power and authority, justice and injustice, and their implications for relations within and between political communities. 
In this fully revised and updated third edition of her popular text, Stephanie Lawson retains a broad historical and contextual approach in introducing readers to the central themes and theoretical perspectives in IR while also addressing key issues and challenges in the contemporary period.  These include the emergence of states and empires, theories ranging from classical realism and liberalism to postcolonial and ‘green’ theory, twentieth-century international history, security and insecurity, global governance and world order, international political economy, globalization, the future of the sovereign state and the prospects for a ‘post-international’ world. 
Written in an accessible narrative style, this book is an ideal primer for students at undergraduate level and beyond, including those undertaking postgraduate study in IR with little or no previous academic training in the field.

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  1. Introducing International Relations
  2. States in World History
  3. Theorizing International Relations
  4. International Relations in the Twentieth Century
  5. Security and Insecurity in the Contemporary World
  6. Global Governance and World Order
  7. International Political Economy
  8. International Relations in a Globalizing World
  9. Conclusion: A Post-International World?



The book has been updated and revised throughout. The author has also added very helpful suggestions for further reading to guide students who want to take things further.
The book also includes 4 or 5 questions for class discussion to the end of each chapter
""Professor Lawson has provided us with an engaging and sophisticated introduction to International Relations which, now in its third edition, has proven the value of an approach that provides a long-term historical perspective on the enduring questions at the heart of this subject. It guides us through the competing arguments and theoretical approaches with admirable clarity and economy."" - Rosemary Foot, University of Oxford, UK

""Students and instructors alike will be pleased to see a third edition of Stephanie Lawson's very successful text. The new edition builds on the strengths of the previous editions: clarity of exposition and an effective combination of the empirical and the normative, and of historical and contemporary materials."" - John Ravenhill, Balsillie School of International Affairs, Canada