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International Review of Industrial and Organizational Psychology 2005, Volume 20



International Review of Industrial and Organizational Psychology 2005, Volume 20


This is the twentieth in the most prestigious series of annual volumes in the field of industrial and organizational psychology. The series provides authoritative and integrative reviews of the key literature of industrial psychology and organizational behaviour. The chapters are written by established experts and topics are carefully chosen to reflect the major concerns in both the research literature and in current practice.
Continuing in the tradition of the series as a whole, this twentieth volume provides scholarly, up-to-the-minute reviews and updates of work in a number of well-established areas such as: mergers and acquisitions, burnout and health, and personality in industrial and organizational psychology. Emergent issues are also covered in chapters on social identity, emotions in organizations, the contribution of industrial and organizational psychology to ensuring safety in commercial aircraft, and the analysis of justice in human resource management decisions. Each chapter offers a comprehensive and critical survey of the chosen topic, and each is supported by a valuable bibliography. For advanced students, academics and researchers, as well as professional psychologists and managers, this remains the most authoritative and current guide to new developments and established knowledge in the field of industrial and organizational psychology.
Contributors to Volume 20
Neal M. Ashkanasy, Australia
Claire E. Ashton-James, Australia
Shlomo Berliner, Israel
Susan Cartwright, UK
Jose M. Cortina, USA
Naomi Ellemers, The Netherlands
Stephen W. Gilliland, USA
Don Harris, UK
S. Alexander Haslam, UK
Michael J. Ingerick, USA
Samuel Melamed, Israel
Layne Paddock, USA
Itzhak Shapira, Israel
Arie Shirom, Israel
Lauren Thomas, UK
Sharon Toker, Israel
About the Editors.

List of Contributors.

Editorial Foreword.

1. Mergers and Acquisitions: An Update and Appraisal (Susan Cartwright).

2. Social Identity in Industrial and Organizational Psychology: Concepts, Controversies, and Contributions (S. Alexander Haslam and Naomi Ellemers).

3. Personality in Industrial/Organizational Psychology: Not Much More than Cheese (Jose M. Cortina and Michael J. Ingerick).

4. Organizational Justice across Human Resource Management Decisions (Stephen W. Gilliland and Layne Paddock).

5. Contributions of Industrial/Organizational Psychology to Safety in Commercial Aircraft (Don Harris and Lauren Thomas).

6. Emotion in Organizations: A Neglected Topic in I/O Psychology, but with a Bright Future (Neal M. Ashkanasy and Claire E. Ashton-James).

7. Burnout and Health Review: Current Knowledge and Future Research Directions (Arie Shirom,Samu el Melamed, Sharon Toker, Shlomo Berliner,and Itzhak Shapira).


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