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International Smelting Technology Symposium: Incorporating the 6th Advances in Sulfide Smelting Symposium

International Smelting Technology Symposium: Incorporating the 6th Advances in Sulfide Smelting Symposium

Jerome P. Downey (Editor), Thomas P. Battle (Editor), Jesse F. White (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-36476-5

May 2012

312 pages


Proceedings of a symposium sponsored by The Metallurgy and Materials Society of CIM and the Pyrometallurgy Committee of the Extraction and Processing Division of TMS (The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society)
Held during the TMS 2012 Annual Meeting & Exhibition Orlando, Florida, USA, March 11-15, 2012

Preface ix

Editors xi

International Smelting Technology Symposium (Incorporating the 6th Advances in Sulfide Smelting Symposium)

Plenary Session

Aluminothermic Smelting: A Versatile Process Serving Demanding Markets 3
J. Robison

Smelter Design, Construction, Commissioning and Operation

Design and Commissioning of the Ausmelt TSL Lead Smelter at Yunnan Tin Company Limited 11
H. Gu, X. Song, X. Lan, R. Baldock, R. Andrews, and M. Reuter

Granulation as it Pertains to Electric Furnace Matte, Converter Slag, and Converter Matte in a PGM Smelter 23
G. Roset, D. Flynn, and J. Bummer

Waste Heat Recovery from Industrial Smelting Exhaust Gas 31
G. Wedde, and A. Sorhuus

High Performance Brands for the Non-ferrous Metals Industry 39
D. Gregurek, A. Spanring, A. Ressler, and S. Breyner

Sidewall Design to Improve Lining Life in a Platinum Smelting Furnace 47
I. McDougall, and J. Eksteen

SiC Formation in Submerged Arc Furnaces Producing Silicomanganese 55
P. Eidem, J. Davidsen, and M. Tangstad

Boliden Rönnskär Smelter: Challenges and Opportunities for Modern Smelting 63
T. Lehner, and J. Stäl

Current and Emerging Smelting Technologies

Ferroalloy Research in Norway - Cooperation between Academia and Industry 73
M. Tangstad, and E. Ringdalen

Status of the Alcoa Carbothermic Aluminum Project 81
C. White, O. Mikkelsen, and D. Roha

Outotec's Smelting Solutions in Non-Ferrous Metals 89
A. Vartiainen, and T. Ahokainen

Atlantic Copper PS-Converters Environmental Improvements: A Continuous Commitment to the Future 99
A. Martin, J. Hurtado, and F. Jimenez

Improvements on Converter Operating Practice at Mufulira Smelter 107
J. Sakala, J. Sasikumar, andS. Kwalela

Pretreatment and Recycling Processes

Integrated Recycling at Boliden's Rönnskär Smelter; Formation of Slag Products 117
S. Mostaghel, H. Holmgren, T. Matsushita, and C. Samuelsson

Promotion of Recycling Business by Combination of a Pre-Treatment Plant and the Mitsubishi Process at Naoshima Smelter & Refinery 125
Y. Mizuta, N. Oguma, S. lwahori, and H. Sato

Optimum Feed Preparation for Sulfide Smelting 133
J. Talja, S. Shen, and H. Mansikkaviita

Partially Reduced Feedstocks and Blast Furnace Ironmaking Carbon Intensity 141
P. Pistorius

Experiences of Using Various Metallurgical Reactors for Reduction of Vanadium Bearing Steel Slags and Other Wastes 147
M. Lindvall, and G. Ye

Phase Change and Morphology in the Oxidation of Zinc Sulfide Powder 155
O. Satoshi, H. Takebe, and T. Okura

Injection of Alternative Carbon Containing Materials in the Blast Furnace 161
L. Sundqvist Ökist, G Hyllander, M. Hensmann, E. Olsson, O. Antila, S. Schuster, and M. Lundgren

Fundamentals: Thermodynamics, Phase Equilibria, and Kinetics

Departure from Equilibria in Ilmenite Smelting 173
P. Pistorius

Distribution of Boron and Calcium between Silicon and Calcium Silicate Slags 179
L. Jakobsson, and M. Tangstad

High Temperature Experimental Investigations and Thermodynamic Modelling in the FeTiO3-Ti2O3-TiO2 Ternary Slag System 185
S. Seim, L. Kolbeinsen, and I. Jung

Reaction Mechanisms in Carbothermic Production of Silicon, Study of Selected Reactions 195
E. Ringdalen, and M. Tangstad

Stabilities of Phases in the Cu2S-FeS-PbS System 205
H. Johto, and P. Taskinen

Experimental Thermodynamic Study of the Equilibrium Phase Assemblage AgBi3S5-Bi2S3-S 213
F. Tesfaye, and P. Taskinen

Vacuum Distillation Refining of Crude Tin - Thermodynamics Analysis and Experiments on the Removal of Arsenic from the Crude Tin 223
Y. Li, B. Yang, D. Liu, B. Xu, and Y. Dai

Investigation of Removing Cadmium and Thallium from Crude Indium by Vacuum Distillation 231
W. Jiang, B. Yang, D. Liu, B. Xu, and Y. Dai

Pyrometallurgical Process Modeling, Control & Instrumentation

Comparison of Classical Tools and Modern Finite Element Modeling in the Electrical Design of Slag Resistance Furnaces 241
M. Kennedy, M. Garcia, and F. Olesen

CFD Modelling of Combustion Behaviour in Slag Fuming Furnaces 251
M. Huda, J. Naser, G. Brooks, M. Reuter, and R. Matusewicz

Validating Temperature Measurements in Pyrometallurgical Applications - A Case Study 259
H. Melnas, J. Steenkamp, and M. Tangstad

Electric Slag Furnace Dimensioning 279
M. Kennedy

Physical Modeling Study on Mixing Phenomena in a C-H2 Smelting Reduction Furnace Bath with Asymmetric Side Blowing Process 291
J. Xie, J. Zhang, K Feng, J. Wang, F. Ruan, Z. Liu, S. Zheng, and X. Hong

Successful Application of Model Based Predictive Control for Production and Thermal Efficiency Optimization of High Temperature Melters 301
E. Muisenberg, M. Eisenga, andJ. Buchmayer

Author Index 309

Subject Index 311