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International Wound Journal

International Wound Journal

Edited By:Keith Harding and Douglas Queen

Vol 12(6 Issues in 2015 ) Print ISSN: 1742-4801 Online ISSN: 1742481X Impact Factor: 2.380


The International Wound Journal is uniquely placed to help improve the standards of care for patients and of professional practice internationally. It covers all aspects of prevention and treatment of wounds and associated skin conditions. By publishing the most clinically relevant and focused research, of the highest standard, within a peer-review process, International Wound Journal takes forward its mission to provide all professionals involved in wound care with the most important, relevant and applied research aimed at improving patient care, while continuing to foster partnership between industry, clinicians and researchers.

The Journal is the primary information resource for doctors, surgeons, nurses, podiatrists, physical therapists, radiotherapists, oncologists, occupational therapists and other healthcare professionals working in the prevention and treatment of wounds and associated conditions. Topics published include:

· Chronic and acute wounds
Wound prevention and treatment
· Scar prevention and treatment
· Diagnosis and treatment of skin conditions
· Diabetic wounds
· Leg Ulcers
· Burn wounds
· Tissue repair and regeneration
· Wound healing therapies
· Surgical and non-skin wounds
· Dressings – management and healing
· Education and Training
· Examples of provision of care to patients with wounds

The Editors are supported by a board of international experts and a panel of reviewers across a range of disciplines and specialties which ensures only the most current and relevant research is published.

The International Wound Journal is indexed by MEDLINE and CINAHL.