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Internet-Based Workflow Management: Toward a Semantic Web

Internet-Based Workflow Management: Toward a Semantic Web

Dan C. Marinescu

ISBN: 978-0-471-43962-2 April 2002 656 Pages


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Internet-based business transactions can be broken down into a series of independent steps. This workflow often involves tools from an array of fields, such as network modeling, scheduling, distributed systems, artificial intelligence, software agents, and Java. This book serves as a single, comprehensive resource for IT practitioners and students that covers all these vital aspects of workflow management.


Internet-Based Workflows.

Basic Concepts and Models.

Net Models of Distributed Systems and Workflows.

Internet Quality of Service.

From Ubiquitous Internet Services to Open Systems.

Coordination and Software Agents.

Knowledge Representation, Inference, and Planning.

Middleware for Process Coordination: A Case Study.