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Internet Explorer 6 For Dummies

Internet Explorer 6 For Dummies

Doug Lowe

ISBN: 978-0-764-51344-2 September 2001 360 Pages


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Internet Explorer 6 For Dummies covers the essentials new PC or IE users need to know about hooking up to the Internet for Web browsing, e-mail, and other tasks. This guide includes coverage of getting on the Internet, Web browsing with IE, e-mail with Outlook Express, customizing IE, and creating Web pages. Most important, it covers the enhanced features of the new version including the updated Interface.

PART I: Preparing for an Internet Exploration.

Chapter 1: Welcome to the Internet.

Chapter 2: Getting Connected with Internet Explorer.

PART II: Embarking on a World Wide Web Adventure.

Chapter 3: Pushing Off.

Chapter 4: Searching the Web.

Chapter 5: Using Internet Explorer Features to Get Around the Web Quickly.

Chapter 6: Download This!

Chapter 7: The Media Is the Message.

Chapter 8: Working Offline.

Chapter 9: Getting Help While You Explore.

PART III: Getting Connected with Outlook Express.

Chapter 10: E-Mailing with Outlook Express.

Chapter 11: More E-Mail Shortcuts and Tricks.

Chapter 12: Hotmail: E-Mail for Free!

Chapter 13: The Instant Message Connection.

Chapter 14: Accessing Newsgroups with Outlook Express.

PART IV: Customizing Your Explorations.

Chapter 15: Doing It Your Way: Personalizing Internet Explorer.

Chapter 16: Using the Content Advisor to Make Sure That Your Kids Surf Safely.

Chapter 17: Lowering the Cone of Silence: Using the Internet Explorer Security Features.

Chapter 18: Creating a Login Script.

Chapter 19: Creating Your Own Web Site.

PART V: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 20: Ten Tips for Using Internet Explorer Efficiently.

Chapter 21: Ten Things That Sometimes Go Wrong.

Chapter 22: Ten Safety Tips for Kids on the Net.



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