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Internet Privacy For Dummies



Internet Privacy For Dummies

John R. Levine, Ray Everett-Church, Greg Stebben, David Lawrence (Foreword by)

ISBN: 978-0-764-50846-2 August 2002 384 Pages

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* Covers the essentials: An individual Internet user needs to know to help maintain personal privacy. Topics include securing a PC and Internet connection, knowing the risks of releasing personal information, cutting back on spam and other e-mail nuisances, and dealing with personal privacy away from the computer.
* Covers the enhanced features of the latest releases of Internet filtering software and privacy tools.
* Series features: The...For Dummies series has always been popular with new Internet users. Internet For Dummies remains the #1 beginning reference for Internet users. This book looks to follow the successes of its predecessors.


Part I: Electronic Privacy Overview.

Chapter 1: How Private Are You Right Now?

Chapter 2: The Law, the Privacy Industry, and You.

Part II: PCs and Privacy.

Chapter 3: Safety Check: Looking under the Hood of Your Computer.

Chapter 4: Privacy for Computers and Networks with Multiple Users.

Chapter 5: Privacy for Laptops and Handheld Devices.

Part III: Privacy on the Internet.

Chapter 6: You and Your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Chapter 7: Fighting Back against Hackers.

Chapter 8: Viruses, Worms, Macro Viruses, and Trojan Horses.

Chapter 9: "Help! There's a Hole in My Browser!".

Chapter 10: Why the E in E-Mail Stands for Easy-to-Intercept.

Chapter 11: Spam: Why It's Not Just a Funny Lunch Meat Any More.

Chapter 12: Safely Shopping Online.

Chapter 13: Safe Banking and Investing Online.

Part IV: Beyond the PC: Offline Electronic Privacy.

Chapter 14: Protecting Your E-Money, E-Credit, and E-Dentity.

Chapter 15: Your Telephone and Your Privacy.

Chapter 16: Protecting Your Privacy at Work.

Chapter 17: The Government Is Here to Help - or Not.

Part V: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 18: Ten Privacy Freedom Fighters Who Fight for You.

Chapter 19: Ten Ways to Fight Back for Fun and Profit.

Chapter 20: Ten Easy Tricks for Cutting Down on Spam.

Chapter 21: Ten Reliable Sources for Computer Virus Information.

Chapter 22: Ten Great Privacy Books (Other than This One!).


"...a great book…to the authors credit...very good stuff..." (Micro Mart, 28 September 2002)

"...a typically high quality guide...comprehensive..." (PC Plus, December 2002)

"…an entertaining and informative to me…(PC Utilities, December 2002)

Titles about online privacy walk a fine line between warning of very real risks and fostering hysteria about unlikely or impossible scenarios. Internet Privacy succeeds admirably. Its balanced tone and practical advice on the protecting yourself and your computer from Internet-borne threats, ranging from virus infection to identify theft, make it useful to beginning to intermediate computer folk. It also includes valuable tips on preserving offline electronic privacy, carrying these protective practices into daily activities. Naked comes from the opposite direction, teaching readers how and where to find personal information (from death records to credit records) online. This knowledge, however, can help them prevent others from finding and/or misusing their information, making this a valuable guide for both researchers and general readers. It highlights valuable legal uses of online pers onal information (including genealogical research and locating lost loved ones) while also addressing privacy concerns. Both are recommended for all public libraries. (Library Journal, February 2003)