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Internet Technology Letters

Internet Technology Letters

Edited By:Alfredo Grieco

Vol 1(6 Issues in 2018 ) Online ISSN: 2476-1508


Internet Technology Letters
Kick off Editorial

The Internet technology research area is evolving at a very fast pace, with new paradigms replacing old ones’ year by year. Over the last decade, scientists working in this area assisted to the rapid evolution of xG mobile systems, the birth of Future Internet architectures, the explosion of the Internet of Things, the formulation of the Cyber Physical System paradigm, the softwarization of networking infrastructures and protocols, the envisioning of nano-machines, the design of molecular-based communication systems, the advent of the web of things and of the Industrial Internet, to name a few. All these activities are tightly linked to each other and need to be sustained by a capillary and fast exchange of results between research teams across the world to fully leverage the Internet potential in our Society.

For this reason, John Wiley & Sons is launching a novel international journal, namely Internet Technology Letters (ITL), which seeks original and high quality short contributions related to cutting edge Internet Technologies. ITL aims at a fast dissemination of relevant outcomes in the Internet Engineering area, ranging from the physical to the service floors. Expected review rounds are below 5 weeks.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
  • 5G (and beyond) architectures, protocols, and deployments

o Non Orthogonal Multiple Access

o Hyper-dense cellular networks

o Device-to-Device communications

o Tactile Internet

  • Internet of Things technologies, architectures, protocols, and services

o Web of Things

o Internet of Services

o Internet of Vehicles

o Cyber-Physical-Social Systems

  • Emerging Smart Verticals

o Smart Cities

o Smart Grids

o Smart Health

o Smart Buildings

o Intelligent Transportation Systems

o Smart Agriculture

o ICT for Societal Challenges

  • Industrial Internet

o Internet robotics

o Deterministic protocols and services

o De-verticalizing middlewares

o Industry 4.0 enabling technologies and use cases

  • Emerging wireless and optical technologies

o Next-generation broadband access networks

o Fiber-Wireless networks

o Visible Light Communications

o Passive wireless sensors

o Low-Power Wide Area Networks

o Narrow-Band IoT

o Low-Power Lossy Networks

o Wireless Body Area Networks

o Satellite networks

  • Beyond the edge technologies

o Quantum communications

o Nanoscale communications

o Molecular communications

  • Softwarized networks

o Big data enabled Internet technologies

o Machine Learning approaches to Internet technologies

o Network Virtualization

o Autonomic networks

  • Future Internet architectures

o Information Centric Networking

o Network modeling and measurements

o Experimental validations

  • Distributed architectures

o Cloud, Edge, and Fog computing

o Peer-to-Peer networks

o Content Distribution networks

  • 3rd Millenium Services and Technologies

o Social & nomadic networking

o Mobile & Multimedia systems

o Augmented & Virtual Reality

o Networking technologies in challenging & constrained environments

o Virtual teams

o Online c