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Intersections of Faith and Development in Local and Global Contexts

Intersections of Faith and Development in Local and Global Contexts


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  • Focuses on anthropological analyses of and engagements with Christian faith-based organizations (FBOs).
  • Examines the varied and shifting meanings of religiosity, volunteerism, "doing good," development, charity, and justice
  • Calls for a greater understanding of the macro-level promises and pitfalls of increasing reliance on FBOs to design and deliver social services and development
  • Redresses the imbalance of anthropological studies that have focused on the role of secular NGOs
The Anthropology of Faith and Development: An Introduction (Tara Hefferan, Tim Fogarty).

Body and Soul: Faith, Development, Community, and Social Science in Nicaragua (James Phillips).

Incarnational Theology and the Gospel: Exploring the Mississippi Model of Episcopal Medical Missions to Panama (Robert P. Connolly, Keri Vacanti Brondo).

“Saving” Malawi: Faithful Responses to Orphans and Vulnerable Children (Andrea Freidus).

Pan-Latin Radical Hospitality: Faith-Based HIV/AIDS Education in the South Bronx (Debra J. Pelto, María Isabel Santiviago).

A Faith-Based Mental Health and Development Project for Slum Dwellers in Brazil (Sidney M. Greenfield).

Operationalizing Opportunities and Creating Publics in Salvadoran Churches: Findings from an Ethnographic Process Evaluation (James Huff).

Disparate Power and Disparate Resources: Collaboration Between Faith-Based and Activist Organizations for Central Florida Farmworkers (Nolan Kline).

Practicing What We Preach: The Possibilities of Participatory Action Research with Faith-Based Organizations (Katherine Lambert-Pennington).

Resource Guide for Anthropologists Working in Faith-Based Development (Keri Vacanti Brondo, Tara Hefferan).