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Intimacy in Crisis

Intimacy in Crisis

Jane Ridley

ISBN: 978-1-861-56113-8 May 1999 250 Pages


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Men and women seek different elements of intimacy. This book argues that a failure to understand the opposite gender's intimacy needs can contribute to relationship distress. Jane Ridley explores potentially critical periods and turning points in a couple's relationship, including sexuality, pregnancy, ageing, the impact of earlier separation and dealing with children from previous relationships.


  • Part One: A Working Hypothesis
  • The Invisible Intimacy Screen
  • Critical Periods in the Life Cycle of Relationships and Intimacy
  • Life Events and Intimacy
  • Part Two: A Realistic Approach to Gender
  • Critical Periods and Female Vulnerablity
  • Critical Periods and Male Vulnerablity
Part One.

A Working Hypothesis.

The Invisible Intimacy Screen.

Critical Periods in The Life Cycle of Relationships and Intimacy.

Life Events and Intimacy.

Part Two.

A Realistic Approach to Gender.

Critical Periods and female Vulnerability.

Critical Periods and Male Vulnerability.