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Intra-Day Trading Tactics:'s Stategies for Seizing Short-Term Opportunities

Intra-Day Trading Tactics:'s Stategies for Seizing Short-Term Opportunities

Greg Capra

ISBN: 978-1-118-53875-3 October 2012 148 Pages




Short-term traders have used intra-day tactics to build wealth for years. Now Greg Capra shares his secrets in this book/DVD course package designed to energize your trading and arm you with the critical elements you need to make more money. You'll see how Capra pools an array of indicators, creating a single – profitable – trading protocol that will be used to make winning trades over and over. See him guide you through this methodical approach, then study his method thoroughly point by point in this carefully crafted set of instructional material.

Watch and read as Capra drives home the following critical points:

  • The three foundational forms of intra-day trading
  • The psychological demands you'll need to know to win big
  • The need to define your financial plan; building wealth or gaining income
  • The importance of mastering charts – 5 and 15 minute patterns
  • The all-critical "tick indicator" – how to master it as a key timing tool

These are but a few of the points that Capra outlines in this comprehensive learning set. Use the book and the DVD to develop a working, hands-on knowledge of moving averages, risk limits through relative strength analysis, and targets that will position you for huge gains with minimum financial risk. This course will give you everything you need to achieve intra-day trading mastery.

Publisher’s Preface v

Meet Greg Capra ix

Introduction: The Fine Art of Intra-Day Trading xi

Chapter 1: The Basics: A Smart Starting Point 1

Chapter 2: Foundation: The Strong Base for a Profitable Structure 21

Chapter 3: Candlestick Concepts: Reading Between the Lines 45

Chapter 4: Moving Average Concepts: Smoothing Out the Trend 65

Chapter 5: Retracement Concepts: Quantifying Strength or Weakness 85

Chapter 6: Support and Resistance Concepts: A Realistic Analysis 105

Chapter 7: Market Timing Tools: Who Is In Charge? 115

Chapter 8: Putting It All Together 125