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Intra-Day Trading with Market Internals II

Intra-Day Trading with Market Internals II

Greg Capra

ISBN: 978-1-592-80323-1 October 2007


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Run time: 90 min. Intra-day Trading with Market Internals Part I and II are videos that the intra-day trader should not be without. In these videos, you will learn the all the internals needed and how to interpret them to successfully know what the current market environment bias is and in turn guide you to what yours should be. Most traders base their bias on their hopes and wishes for price direction, which is a common reason for failure. In this video you will learn how to determine what sectors to focus on to find the stocks that are being accumulated that day. You will learn to use this information for Relative Strength and Weakness Analysis to zero in on the best stocks to trade. Of course, this does not occur throughout the trading day without pause, so it is essential to know what times of day the reversals are most like to occur based on prior history. All this is and more is covered in these two streaming videos.