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Introducing Christian Ethics, 2nd Edition

Samuel Wells, Ben Quash, Rebekah Eklund (With)

ISBN: 978-1-119-15575-1 March 2017 Wiley-Blackwell 440 Pages


Introducing Christian Ethics 2e, now thoroughly revised and updated, offers an unparalleled introduction to the study of Christian Ethics, mapping and exploring all the major ethical approaches, and offering thoughtful insights into the complex moral challenges facing people today.

  • This highly successful text has been thoughtfully updated, based on considerable feedback, to include increased material on Catholic perspectives, further case studies and the augmented use of introductions and summaries
  • Uniquely redefines the field of Christian ethics along three strands: universal (ethics for anyone), subversive (ethics for the excluded), and ecclesial (ethics for the church)
  • Encompasses Christian ethics in its entirety, offering students a substantial overview by re-mapping the field and exploring the differences in various ethical approaches
  • Provides a successful balance between description, analysis, and critique 
  • Structured so that it can be used alongside a companion volume, Christian Ethics: An Introductory Reader, which further illustrates and amplifies the diversity of material and arguments explored here

Preface viii

Introduction 1

Part One The Story of Christian Ethics 3

1 The Story of God 5

2 The Story of the Church 34

3 The Story of Ethics 64

4 The Story of Christian Ethics 90

Part Two The Questions Christian Ethics Asks 123

5 Universal Ethics 127

6 Subversive Ethics 159

7 Ecclesial Ethics 200

Part Three The Questions Asked of Christian Ethics 233

8 Good Order 235

9 Good Life 270

10 Good Relationships 303

11 Good Beginnings and Endings 343

12 Good Earth 369

Timeline 396

Glossary of Names 398

Glossary of Terms 409

Name Index 417

Subject Index 422