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Introducing Physical Geography, 6th Edition

Introducing Physical Geography, 6th Edition

Alan H. Strahler

ISBN: 978-1-118-29193-1 February 2013 656 Pages


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Introducing Physical Geography, 6th Edition is known for its clear writing, distinctive photos and illustrations and a strong supplements program. The text continues its tradition as a great book to help non-science readers visualize and understand earth processes and learn the basic language of physical geography. The new edition features a strengthened "Eye on Global Change" coverage and coverage of the geographers tool box.

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Intro Pt 1: Introducing Physical Geography

Intro Pt 2: Tools of Physical Geography

Chapter 1 The Earth as a Rotating Planet

Chapter 2 The Earth’s Global Energy Balance

Chapter 3 Air Temperature

Chapter 4 Atmospheric Moisture and Precipitation

Chapter 5 Winds and the Global Circulation

Chapter 6 Weather Systems

Chapter 7 Global Climates

Chapter 8 Biogeographic Processes

Chapter 9 Global Biogeography

Chapter 10 Global Soils

Chapter 11 Earth from Inside Out

Chapter 12 Plate Tectonics, Earthquakes, and Volcanoes

Chapter 13 Weathering and Mass Wasting

Chapter 14 Fresh Water of the Continents

Chapter 15 Landforms Made by Running Water

Chapter 16 Landforms Made by Waves and Wind

Chapter 17 Glacial Landforms and the Ice Age

App 1 Climate Definitions and Boundaries

App 2 Conversion Factors

App 3 Topographic Map Symbols

  • New media including animations and videos.
  • New photos and illustrations.
  • Updated data on climate change.
  • Eye on the Landscape feature revised and now more enhanced for students.
  • Putting you in the Picture features involve the student and personalize the study of geography.
  • The Visualization theme uses illustrations, word pictures, and multimedia to help students form lasting visual images of the processes of physical geography.