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Introduction to Communications Engineering, 2nd Edition

Introduction to Communications Engineering, 2nd Edition

Robert M. Gagliardi

ISBN: 978-0-471-85644-3

Sep 1988

640 pages

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Presents thorough coverage of the engineering aspects of modern communication systems, paying particular attention to the practical system considerations in the end-to-end construction of a typical communication link. The text is designed to provide readers with a solid background in current terminology, methodology, and procedures. This updated edition places greater emphasis on modern technology and hardware considerations, with integrated treatment of analog and digital systems. Includes new new material on oscillators, frequency generators, mixers, amplifiers, and digital and switching circuitry. Contains new examples and problems.
Communication System Models.

Carrier Modulation.

Carrier Transmission.

Carrier Reception.

Carrier Demodulation.

Baseband Waveforms, Subcarriers, and Multiplexing.

Binary Digital Systems.

Block Waveform Digital Systems.

Frequency Acquisition and Synchronization.

Satellite Communications.

Fiber Optic Communications.

Appendix A: Fourier Transforms and Identities.

Appendix B: Random Variables and Random Processes.

Appendix C: Orthogonal Expansions of Signals.