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Introduction to Desalination

Introduction to Desalination

Fuad Nesf Alasfour

ISBN: 978-3-527-81163-2

May 2019

128 pages

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Basics and fundamentals of thermal and membrane desalination systems, supported by worked examples and problems for self-study.

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1. Introduction

Part I -
Thermal Desalination Systems
2. Multi Effect Evaporation
3. Vapor Compression
4. Multi-stage Flashing

Part II -
Membrane Desalination Systems
5. Pressure Gradient Separation: Reverse Osmosis, Ultra- and Nanofiltration
6. Concentration Gradient Separation: Forward Osmosis, Diffusion Dialysis and Pervaporation
7. Temperature Gradient Separation: Thermo-Osmosis
8. Electrical Current and Ionization Gradients Separations: Electrodialysis, Electrodialysis Reversal and Electrodeionization

Part III -
Renewable and Hybrid Desalination Systems
9. Renewable Energy and Desalination
10. Hybrid desalination Systems

Part IV -
Economical and Environmental Aspects in Desalination
11. Economic Analysis
12. Energy and Environmental Impact