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Introduction to Industrial Chemistry

Introduction to Industrial Chemistry

Howard L. White

ISBN: 978-0-471-82657-6

Sep 1986

272 pages

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Written to help the student chemist clarify the career areas and technical problems which are to be considered when chemical reactions are carried out on a large scale. Covers the research and development of consumer products based on chemical processes. Topics covered include the chemical industry and large-scale chemical manufacturing, inorganic and fermentation processes, the conversion of petroleum into purified chemical substances, and the environmental impact of these and other processes.
The Chemical Industry and Large-Scale Chemical.

Inorganic Processes for Study.

Products of Exercises Fermentation Processes.

Organic Chemical Processes.

Conversion of a Laboratory Process to a Pilot Plant and Then to a Plant Process.

Cost Calculations.

The Environmental Impact of a Process.

Equipment for Large-Scale Manufacturing.

Basic Background Needed for Large-Scale Operations.

Industrial Catalysis.

Careers in which an Industrial Chemistry Background is Needed.